End quote: 15.12.2007 — 21.12.2007

"Something should also be fired. It can not be just. Two days only talk about that later to say that we will give credit and will not increase the price of gas? Need to know — for what?"
Anatoly Krasutski, deputy chairman of the international affairs of the House of Representatives — the visit to Belarus, Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"Putin came to Belarus in a very fascinating properties: in-1-x, as president, and in-2, already as Prime Minister, came to solve certain economic affairs. Open a discussion on gas prices — this is not a presidential thing."
Vadim Dubnov, a Russian journalist — in the transmission of the "Prague accent" of Putin’s visit to Belarus
"Just at the moment are rising some details of the agreement, which was signed in late 2006 between Belarus and" Gazprom ". According to the agreement, in the first quarter of 2008 the price of gas for Belarus should not rise by more than 19 percent. This is what happened. ‘Cause about any gifts for Belarus can not be read. "
Manyanok Economic Observer newspaper "Belarusians and Market" — the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" announced on "Gazprom" gas price for Belarus in the first quarter of 2008
"What controversy? There world gas prices. We all sell at global prices … And if we do or what someone help, we believe that we will receive adequate compensation. Just as long as it is not visible."
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia — in an interview with the magazine "Time" in response to a question about Russian disputes with neighboring countries on energy dilemmas
"Well, maybe a few months urvyatse few flakes of Ukrainian resources. Still later, for you will have to return to the last drop. Mark my words."
Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine — after being elected to this post
"If" Lukoil "- the largest supplier of oil — begins to push, control field, I would have said," rather weak in the knees. "Very occasionally otyschesh Enterprise Manager, even the big man who has" strong knees. "
Valentin Mackiewicz, independent economist — rumors about the sale of shares "Naftan" Russian company "Lukoil"
"I would not say that they represent any danger of national security, as referred to in the destructive parts of society comes just 1767 people. We know them all by name, and they do not become neither more nor less."
Yuri Zhadobin, KGB chairman — the opposition
"The numbers on our icon symbolizes that the number of people dissatisfied with authoritarian power, in fact there will always be more than a report to the court about the generals, the main aim of which is to reassure his own zeal control."
Yuri Hubarevich, deputy chairman of the "Movement" For Freedom "- the release of the series with the number" 1768 "
"There’s men and maidens, all wept. I, in general, to be honest, was traveling to meet Arthur. We talked to a lawyer, and she said, that will give maximum year. A prosecutor asked here two years, and we are all in shock. We complaints will file a whole bunch of — appeals, any. We will not leave it so. I think at this point will rise in defense of campaign Finkievich. authorities regret that they had done so. "
Lena Makarevich, youth activist — the trial of Artur Finkevich
"We would very much wish that Europe has opened the door for us. For ordinary people, which, unfortunately, are not allowed. We are also citizens of the European citizens of the majestic country that was here — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania. Present announcements" Euronews "we watched with tears in the eyes, because our country could also be in Europe. "
Emperor in the queue at the Embassy of Poland — after the new EU members cranes in the Schengen zone

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