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"Go two people, behold the lying cow lyapeh. One other reads:" John, you could for $ 100 zestsi it? "John says," Yes, could be. "Ate, Kohl paid, go further, both unhappy, behold the Once lyapeh. Bob says: "And you could eat this lyapeh for $ 100?" Kohl ate Bob paid, rather, returned won $ 100. Go on and think: "What we have done! Nazherlisya manure and stayed at the property. "That’s neat result of this scandal."

Radzikhovsky, a columnist for "Russian newspaper" — about the Belarusian-Russian crisis.
"We are ready to cooperate with the devil, even with Satan to ensure energy security."
"Both Europe and the U.S. showed decency, and they offered us support this … Belarus will not forget."

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — with applications at a polling station on January 14.
"We wish to cooperate with the transit countries, but again I stress — on clear and common to all the principles of interaction … And so we say to all: partnership, collaboration and cooperation — yes, parazytavannyu — no."

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia — during a press conference after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
"Many representatives of the Belarusian opposition live in a world of illusions, and I believe that their own political career and will end in this world."
Vitaly Portnikov, a political analyst — the transfer of the "Prague accent."
"I do not understand — with Jagiello could talk, and he was an anti-Polish — Poles killed, but still became a ruler of Poland. Why not talk to Lukashenko?"
Janusz Korwin-Mikke, favorite Polish conservative liberal party Unia realpolitik — the ability of the West talks with the Belarusian authorities.
"There was a sense that the body will break at the moment."

Alexander Kozulin, the last presidential candidate, enclosed colony "Vitsba" — about his exit from the 53-day hunger strike.
"How to put the temple-monument to a man who was himself an invader? Its impossible to incriminate unassumingly. He was a man of. He was devoted to the throne, the king, in their awareness of the Fatherland. He correctly served their state, making her orders and was a brilliant military leader . But what it turned around for us he made the blood of Tadeusz Kosciuszko uprising. here I do not understand. Not so long ago on television showed a film dedicated to Kosciusko. Kosciuszko not close the museum, even restored it — I read about it. And here is a monument Suvorov. This is a reflection of porridge, which in the minds of our state ideology. "
Valentin Taras, writer — plans to build a temple in honor of Kobrin Alexander Suvorov.
"There is no freedom, but there is liberation."
Ales Ryazanov, poet — in the program "Free Studio".
"You understand me three months to retire, and I have everything" in the drum. "

Inhabitant — in response to the question "Liberty" "What would you suggest to change the Constitution?"
"I wish to tell about Vyachorka Ivashkevicha and who" do not adore Milinkevich. "What does" not love? "We do not like guys, we love the ladies. Cooperate with Milinkevich And we are ready. But because the men do."
Viktor Ivashkevich, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front, one of the initiators of the celebration days of the Will — during an online conference on "Freedom".
"There were very many, often suddenly a lot, but not enough to power broke. And lead people to storm — I thought that it would lead to blood and deaths can be."
Alexander Milinkevich, chairman of the political council of the united democratic forces — about the events of March 19, 2006 in Minsk.
"I was lying tied. Pricked me constantly. Pricked drug. Warned me that I was a hero and a State must choose — to sit at home, or destroy me."
Christina Shatsikava, youth activist — the content of her in a psychiatric clinic.
"I believe that if find any animals that are similar in mentality Belarusians, for me these are symbolic creatures Belarusians beavers. Once I wrote two lines:" Wise men our beaver, apladnivsya, lived and died. "
Ales Antipenko, philosopher — in the program "Freedom Night"
"I would own Victor said that he is now and tomorrow will be even weaker than the current president. So what feeble support and promote? And if you read about a successor, the youngest will prepare a successor. Unique people. Maybe we can not wait, but wait for the other generations of Belarusians. My kids ate so my presidency — never, neither one nor the other. Maybe third will only be president. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — during a press conference for Belarusian newspapers editors.
"Very many are worried that if the Belarusian language is the only municipal, or it does not destroy the Russian language in Belarus? I assured them that there will never destroy it heritage — to know the Russian language, but they should help us in the revival of the Belarusian".
Alexander Milinkevich, chairman of the political council of the united democratic forces — during a speech on the radio station "Echo of Moscow to St. Petersburg."
"If it’s for the benefit of nature, the way spetsefichesky develops spiritual world."
Young Minsker — in answer to the question of "Freedom" on the attitude to Saturday.
"I believe that — no. I studied, graduated college, married soon marry. Decent, good husband I will have it — a shrewd, always aware of me … We live, of course, will be in Gomel. But the future did not think . What to think ahead? If guessing ahead, it is never realized. "
Nastya Drabyshavskaya, from Gomel, who was born a day Chernobyl disaster — in answer to the question of Liberty "affect whether the Chernobyl tragedy on your personal destiny?"
"Later, we were thrown into the bus. For all this they dirty swearing obscenities. On the bus, they saw that the girl with us 10 years. Request starters who her ancestors, too, swore at her mate. Says: we’ll go to break with such events. The girl was apparently in shock. She could not answer her name, where she lives, who her ancestors … Because it landed somewhere in the streets of Orel. unclear how orient it — even more so in such a mental state . "
Kasia Galician activist "Young Front" — about the actions of Interior Ministry special forces after the "Chernobyl Way".
"Putin will also teach the Belarusian language."
Parfenovich, co-author of "manifest Minsk Belarusian-Russian union" — in response to the question "Liberty" "If the Tsar Putin will be the president of this country overall, the reverence for the Belarusian language will also be more?"
"I do not really like it, so I better buy a ticket at a reduced price as I want, what kind of a certain amount of money that I would not know what had spent."

Young Minsker — in response to the question "Liberty" "How do you feel about the fact that some of the benefits will change currency payments?"
"Prerequisites though what war must first find in the mistakes and miscalculations of peacetime. Their roots — in the ideology of confrontation and more ekstremizmu.Tym that in our days of such threats are not diminishing, they are only transforming and changing their own appearance. And these new dangers as during the Third Reich — all the same disregard of human life, the same claims of exceptionality and diktat in the world. "
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia — in a speech during the
parade in Moscow on May 9 Victory day.
"Police were walking home and ordered residents not to open windows and vents, when Ahmadinejad’s motorcade will go through the town. Since some minchane not obeyed the order, security services called lifting the country and closed the windows themselves."
Russian edition of "newspaper" — about the visit of the President of Iran to Belarus.
"Age and strength allow. ‘Cause I’m young. And a good mood. Perspective Belarus in safe hands."
Alexander Milinkevich, a pioneer of the movement "For Freedom" — about his intention to join the youth company "Young Front".
"After Chernobyl, when you feel yourself biyavidam that can just abyss, I think that the public eye should be more flexible and broad. Nationality — it’s not only what you say in Belarusian and barking Lukashenko … "
Svetlana Aleksievich writer — in answer to the question of "Freedom" does not offend her or the fact that many Russian critics do not consider it the Belarusian writer.
"They pulled it out of my hands, took his face and thrown into a car."
Christina Shatsikava, social activist — on detention it together with his son about the structure of the court where the Tribunal held over Valery Shchukin.
"They have their problems similar to ours. Insulting joke How many Russians," our train is approaching the station Minsk ". Indeed, the share naughty experience is useful, but at the same time, we realize that we were fighting with different modes. But I believe that the fall of the Putin regime will help them, as well as the fall of the Lukashenko regime will help us. "
Garry Kasparov, the control of the movement "Other Russia" — after talks in Prague with Milinkevich
"Segodnyaschy elite that wishes to change Lukashenko will use the opposition — this marginal street opposition as a battering ram for the change of power. And on the second step, it is clear that neither Milinkevich nor Lebedko, still less Vyachorka — none of them will not receive this power. It will again be in the hands of traditional Belarusian clan who ruled the country for all these years. "
Pavel Sheremet, Russian journalist — in the transmission of the "Prague accent"
"Those families which are convinced that their sex life at all quite likely to fall apart lately. As one partner says to himself:" Sexually, I’m perfect, "- since in this sex family died. "
Andrew Turovets, director of the Minsk city center of social assistance to families and children.
"If we have done so much for the year, how much will create for the 20 years that we still remain in power."
Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president — during a conversation with Alexander Lukashenko.
"I can hear the voice of the United States that we are against you create something economically. Unless things even by the smallest are from the U.S., we will create the most severe measures against those companies and societies who are working on the ground with Belarus the United States. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — from a speech at a festive meeting on the occasion of the official days of independence on July 3.
"At some time favorite Tipo defended authoritarian society made such a mixture bullpen and a kindergarten."
Svetlana Aleksievich writer — in the transmission of the "Prague accent."
"Want to draw attention to the current municipal flag. Aesthetically, it is deeply unattractive to me. Together with those in the sociological projection it just mystically clear. Reddish part — is the Russian people. Greenish part — is local Belarusians. And narrow ribbon of white-red white ornaments — is nationally conscious Belarusians. And a politician who seeks to seize power and retain it, certainly in the sociological sense to rely on reddish and greenish color. What did Lukashenko. "
Pavel Morozov, philosopher — in the transmission of "Examination of Liberty."
"I believe that Belarus would be, because it is already there. Let not such that anyone, including me, it seemed to, but there is. And there it is, I believe, particularly since it does not become so, what it seemed to us as such, it just could not be. Was not it something — such — to be. "
Nyaklyayeu poet — padchsas online conference on the website of "Freedom"
"All the rhetoric and all the acts of the authorities must show that we have our own independence, and you — its independence."
Vitaly Tsigankov, columnist Radio Liberty — in the transmission of the "Prague accent" on the celebration of the opposition on July 27.
"The first time I allow myself to say this loudly: Our motherland wants to privatize not only individual companies, even donated their pryhvatsits. They want to privatize the whole country."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — during a visit to the newspaper "Russian Belarus."
"Beltransgaz" is specific Brest fortress — when her pass, then it will start an irreversible for renting all strategically principal objects of the Belarusian economy. "
Valery Bulgakov, editor of the magazine "Arche" — the transfer of the "Prague accent", dedicated to the gas crisis.
"And already relatively husbands or wives of the above persons (here in front of me as the text of the message from the web) — it generally resembles Stalin’s laws when under persecution family got enemies of the people. This just is not acceptable!"
Lydia Yermoshina, chairman of the Central Election Commission — new visa U.S. sanctions against Belarusian officials.
"And the nomenclature and the opposition, and by the way, our homeland and the West have long been resigned to the fact that you simply need to wait until the end era of Lukashenko."
Vadim Dubnov, a Russian independent journalist — in the transmission of the "Prague accent", dedicated to the gas crisis.
"And she did not appeal to us to get permission for recuperation about the girl in Italy. She should have told us that he was going to go with Vika. This child is not her own. This — state child."
An employee of the department of education Zhodino Executive Committee — Lena Vasilevskoy, foster mother Vicki Frost, who wanted to take out girlfriend on vacation in Italy.
"Pythons were on the train, but no tribute comfort. They were in the coupe conductors is accused of working clothes of the box."
Message Ukrainian border service of finding a train "Symferopal-Minsk" 2-pythons illegally transported conductor — citizen of Belarus.
"When I was detained last time, then sit in a police car, and a two-year child pulls the finger," Daddy, let’s go home! . "He who protects me, says to him:" I will not let him. After all, if I will, it will be treason. "
Vladimir Vyalichkin, Brest human rights activist — on action Brest police.
"It depends on the level of our political integration, as from the points of view of professionals, diplomats, military: it is necessary, it is possible, when and how. I mean facilities related to nuclear weapons."
Alexander Surikov, salting of in Belarus — in response to a question Interfax: "Our homeland Will be placed on areas of Belarus new military facilities (in connection with the installation of a U.S. air defense in Europe?)"
"Do not turn into a political thing everyday. We would try here even other hamsters unregistered society."
Attorney — at the trial of the youth activist Ivan Shyla.
"How do you feel about God?"
Question, this slonimtsev Yuri Masuk KGB officer who figured out does not go in the sovereign Mas
uk unregistered Christian organizations.
"Vladimir Kanaplyou — is probably the only person surrounded by Lukashenko, who really that Lukashenko sincerely adore … Realize his love for Lukashenko — it’s very surprising to us. But it is much less sick than, for example, that the position of the majority of officials who shake us with your hand under the table and said: "I’m with you, I like you se. But torture — it’s not even my profession, as well , a position I occupy temporarily. And later, when everything will change, I will be one of the first who will be able to tell the whole truth about the atrocities the regime. " In my opinion, still be so honest as hemp, than such as the other. "
Ira Khalip, journalist — on the resignation of Vladimir Konopleva as chairman of the House of Representatives.
"The police were very cheeky. They threw women. Sassy and rudely suggested an intimate relationship … Thunderstorms that two weeks will keep us. Smolenchuk Olga led by personal inspection. Policeman tried, despite the fact that he is the face of reverse sex , located at the examination. He stated that he will hold its inspection. "
Christina Marchuk, youth activist — on criteria detention of youth activists and police actions.
"When I think about our parties, their appeals, the feeling is born: it clubs illusions. Social Democrats have one illusion, the Communist Party in the second, in the UCP third …"
Svetlana Aleksievich writer — in the program "Guest on Freedom"
"What’s to think? If I was a spy, then sold the brand to the country. "
Minsk guy — the question of "Liberty" "What more interested in Belarusian spy secrets?"
"I myself beheld resolution:" Rewrite the application to normal language "… according to the Constitution of the country two municipal language, and because such a resolution — it’s disrespectful to the municipal language."
Grigory Vasilevich, President of the Constitutional Court — speaking at a conference on the application of international legal standards in the Belarusian legal system.
"If you compare the number with Western Europe, while conscious, and if you do not compare, then agree."
Inhabitant — the question of "Liberty" on the collection: "And you razbiraetsesya when they say" so and so many tons of collected "- that’s a lot or not enough?"
"God sent you here to the case. You — flyspeck malehankih this country. As it small, then your value is very great: you are not one of many, and — one. You’re the one and only!"

Seviarynets Tatiana, a teacher from Vitebsk, mother of Paul Sevyarinets policy — about motives of politically active youth.
"Yes, it was improvisation. But, as they say psyhaanalityki, any improvisation comes from the depths. Indicates something there exists associated with these words about jews nechystaplotnyh. Know," dirty Jew "- it was an epithet beloved gebelsavskay propaganda. means there is some association that he had read about Bobruisk. "
Leonid Mindlin, journalist — about the subsequent expression of Alexander Lukashenko, made on October 12 at a press conference: "If you were in Bobruisk, you beheld the condition of the city. It was scary to go! Pigsty in the main it was a Jewish town. Well you know how Jews treat the place where they live. Look in Israel. "
"Laziness and life on the principle of" ah … there is still time. Maybe you are lucky. "But from that laziness our men are very creative."
Rusya, vocalist of the rock band "Indiga" — in response to the question "What is the main problem of Belarusian men?" During an online conference on "Freedom".
"I think that the government in general — money and power units — starts to grow mucky … You must realize that I can not from one year to repeat the same thing. This makes power smyahotstse."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — the meeting on the basis of economic development for the 9 months of 2007.
"Civilization as an individual, it is — the fruit and not just the result of acquisitions, and losses."
Pavel Morozov, philosopher — in the transmission of "Belarusian Atlyantyda: without barriers."
"I think you need to renounce the struggle, which carries the danger to our friends. Most valuable thing we have now — it’s beautiful people. These are people who are trained in grades 10-11, and talk, think at thirty years. We need to save these people. These people ahead much more fundamental cases and much larger mission than just sit in the slammer. necessary to act so that it did not have bad consequences. main objective — is to change Belarus ".
Franak Vyachorka, member of the "BPF Youth" — during his speech at the congress organization.
"Any elections — parliamentary and presidential — began and ended with benefits."

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — a meeting on issues of state social assistance.
"Yeah, well tolerated Belarusians — it suffer."
Young Minsker — in response to the question "Liberty" "Either tolerant Belarusians?".
"Dialogue cat and mouse"

Kasia Kamotskaya, lead singer of "New Heaven" — a meeting of the Governing rock bands manage with the head of the presidential administration ideological Oleg Pralyaskouski
"The very fact that these icons from the wall and went to zlezli Proleskovsky — it already angered the people."

Lavon Volsky favorite rock band NRM — the transfer of the "Prague accent" of musicians meeting with the employee of the presidential administration Oleg Pralyaskouski
"They took knives, took my notebook. Spotless notebook, I asked why? Turns out, because there is a map of the world."
Olga Kozulin, daughter of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin — search warrant before the meeting with the Pope.
"Bush on the TV screen and live in a relationship — just two different personalities. He informal, so lively, so charging energy. First we’ve heard from the president of the United States, when they entered (and it was cold enough): Well, that, can whiskey? The first time I beheld a man who would say such humor about any currently not very pleasant situation. He spoke and he went out laughing. "
Anatoly Lebedko, chairman of the Joint civilian parties — a meeting with the delegation of the Belarusian opposition to U.S. President George W. Bush.
"Bad luck always comes suddenly. Predict dangerous state in the country where there is no projected municipal institutions, very hard. Much threat comes from the fact that the Belarusian statehood reinforcements institutions, not culture, not a civilian society, but just only mode, knotted at 1 — of man. "

Andrei Dynko, chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" — about the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Belarus.
"I believe that my yesterday’s beating was associated with a trip to America. Nearly all of this evidence. Specially nominated me for a cordon of riot police and already there, particularly outside, pushing from the demonstrators, beaten, knocked to the ground. Later thrown back with words such as: "Take your own, it is in excellent zezdiv America."
Dmitriy Fedoruk, youth activist — his beating during a protest on the eve of Putin’s visit to Belarus.
"Putin came to Belarus in a very fascinating properties: in-1-x, as president, and in-2, already as Prime Minister, came to solve certain economic affairs. Open a discussion on gas prices — this is not a presidential thing."

Vadim Dubnov, a Russian journalist — in the transmission of the "Prague accent" of
Putin’s visit to Belarus
"What controversy? There world gas prices. We all sell at global prices … And if we do or what someone help, we believe that we will receive adequate compensation. Just as long as it is not visible."

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia — in an interview with the magazine "Time" in response to a question about Russian disputes with neighboring countries on energy dilemmas
"I would not say that they represent any danger of national security, as referred to in the destructive parts of society comes just 1767 people. We know them all by name, and they do not become neither more nor less."

Yuri Zhadobin, KGB chairman — the opposition

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