Enira Branitskaya: I believe in what I’m doing

There are such people in our municipalities and our bullpen, and, of course, in our democratic forces. I believe in these conscientious, sincere, good people. Thanks to all of them!
I also believe that no one no one should. I do what I do not like someone I I wish something substantiate or forward that I utter "thank you" for this, but only because I want to do it and I think it is a just cause.
I also try and relate to other people. I say "try" because it’s pretty hard. Very often hunt blamed on someone and say that one or the other person has to us do something.
When I was imprisoned in the bullpen, my friends do not have to write me a letter, but I am grateful to those who it mattersl, and did not take offense at those who do not did itth. Alexander Milinkevich should not go to all the actions of the opposition, but I personally would be very nice in principle and when per share, which I considered fundamental and came, and will come this man. You can not incriminate business that they have worked for so many years, earning money, and did not support the democratic forces, and now, when they appeared prepyadstviya, they believe that the opposition should assist them.
I believe it must do what you think is necessary and fundamental, and not to expect approval or disagreement from others.
And I believe that if something really covet, it will certainly be fulfilled. This is my faith is based first on my best. I know that I can achieve all that I want.
I — irreparable optimist. And because I believe that everything that is done, everything is done to the best. I have repeatedly convinced of this, no matter how diverse were the actions that took place in my life.
I wish to believe in certain things. Now that’s a very, very willing to believe in what Arthur Finkevich all zmenitststsa that his case would be reconsidered his sentence will be canceled and it will soon be released to freedom …
Enira Branitskaya — youth activist, a human rights activist. For his role in an unregistered organization "Partnership" was convicted in 2006 for six months’ imprisonment. The delegation of the democratic opposition in Belarus in November, met with U.S. President George W. Bush.

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