Entrepreneurs are again going to the rally

One of the requirements of businessmen — Fri 1.1 cancellation of the presidential decree number 760, which from 1 January rebuked hire anyone except close relatives. Entrepreneurial movement activist Alexander Tsatsura Salihorsk said:

"Three main questions — to finish this persecution of the movement of entrepreneurs and others, to release political prisoners. Vo-2, 760 is the abolition of the decree. And third — is to adopt a law on small business."

The last protest was accomplished on January 10. If the authorities do not come to the square to the demonstrators, they marched, and later blocked traffic along the main avenue of Minsk.

But concessions businessmen authorities have not yet gone. About 40 opposition activists and entrepreneurial movement arrested and are in jail Akrestsin Street.

Also, now 10 and 11 o’clock number of activists called the police for questioning. Authorities if it will work in ways to knock a wave of protest? Tsatsura Alexander said:

"I I can tell by Soligorsk. Soligortsy who were at that time very intensively came many people was, and at the moment are going to go. And even more people will come. Everyone who drove uttered that certainly go. Perturbations of strongly lot. People were out of work. "

By businessman Oleg Shabetnik of Rechitsy, the square in Minsk people come from different regions:

"People thought that will come, and I think, people come out. We do not organize the rally. It organizes people who have nowhere to work. And soon there will be what to buy to eat, because many were out of work. "

According to the chairman entrepreneurial union "Jointly" Ira Yaskevich role in the action will accept and representatives of Vitebsk:

"Our task to say that we have two questions. In 1-x, release our activists who are sitting in jail, who were our representatives and tried to direct attention to the fact that the existence of small businesses put under threat. In 2-x again direct attention to the fact that most of the people left without jobs. Everything else we can open a discussion, we can sit down at the negotiating table only with the role of those people, are presently are in jail".

Cennya in Minsk will be judged by a member of the Young Front activist and Joint civilian party Aleh Korban. He was arrested last weekend about bullpen Akrestsin Street, where together with friends wished to convey transmission arrested. He was accused that he Tipo neprelichno expressed. A judge will Svetlogorsk entrepreneurial movement activist Vladimir Zmitrovich for his role in the rally business.

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