Entrepreneurs: At such elections do not go

"It was not an election, and had a system of illegal detention power," — said the candidates from the block businessmen who participated in the September elections to the House of Representatives. Total unit included 20 businessmen from their eight candidates were registered, but MPs nobody passed. Oct. 13 at a press conference at the headquarters of the BPF entrepreneurs totaled his role in the elections.
Biznesmenka Tatiana Mironova participated in the elections, as to believe the promises of the authorities to hold them honestly. Now she and her voters they say that the next elections will boycott. Tatiana Mironova resents the activities of those citizens who have organized, as it says, "this electoral farce":
"Almost 69 thousand people took part in the Belarusian election commissions. Among them most of the teachers who teach our kids. And these 69 thousand prick the remainder of their own people. Is this normal? One part of the second part of fooling people and fears: it neither rose and said that he was forced and intimidated. "
Dennis Sadowski said about such a fact: according to the public announcement of the precinct commission member during the counting of votes, the votes of 178 people. But in the final figure was almost 10 times less than:
"And padsumavavshy, it turned out that I pragalasavalia the area only 28 people. How could this be? Certainly, call it an election impossible."
Activist movement of entrepreneurs Ales Makaeu recognized that businessmen do not have enough experience of observation, especially during early voting, when, Makaeva and mass falsification occurred.
Business unit called for a campaign of non-recognition capabilities of the new MPs who will be approved by the CEC on October 27. To do this, entrepreneurs have submitted to prosecutors reviewing allegations of violations of the law during the elections, also wrote a letter to the CEC. Activist movement of entrepreneurs Igor Glacier reads as follows:
"We’re in this declaration shall be notified that the Commission claimed the test results of our statements to the prosecutor. And only with this in mind to deal with or accept parliamentary opportunities. So makarom we are initiating a campaign of non-recognition capabilities deputies who, in fact, gained power by illegal. "
Entrepreneurs concerned a sharp deterioration of the economic situation. Tatiana Mironova, which trades on Zhdanovichi market does not preclude termination of activity:
"The purchasing power of the people for the year fell twice. According to my information, a year earlier I had 20-25 sales a day, and at this point 8-10. And if the crisis continues, as I understand it, with the market can be leave. "

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