Ergo bibamus et cantemus!

Wandering through the comments svabodavskih yes blogs on Gastro-political topics, I came to the tempting devilish-toast "To us it was, and for that we nichóga was not!. " Here, I think to myself, seduces demonic spirit … I remember the parade of the 1st spin doctor: the demon can just tear away, save the soul and not the junk will lose. Only need inspiration and loud repent "A day or a day coast-coast-day coast! Tailor-damn demonic spirit!"And right after praslibizavats"Better — to be — what — have!"And drink the contents to the bottom of the glasses. Later you can sing to and crosses …
With singing, especially majeure optimistic yes-march-prandial we shvahavata. "Small-small things" that love older revivalists, with Hodanovich Dubovcy once branded as enviably-retardovska-avtsayderska-woeful. "All who take the blade to us alliance" — Russian. "It’s great something here we gather "- too." Hedgehog-patriot "- a very resounding yes Belarusian, and may in office, as for swearing, pick up. Yeah without Khadanovich" Hedgehog-patriot "is not sung, but on every zbyurku Andrew did not splayed. Where Exit What to sing? Then our sun will not help us. All hope for far abroad.
Seventeenth Twelfth in 2007 in his own first "umstsvenna-bizarre" remark (expression blogernaga reader comment) I wonder proposed members of "Freedom" unravel the mystery of the origin of the British word jamboree (pronounced "zhembry", with an emphasis on the latter part of), which means "Resounding friendly banquet Scout rally, booze" and so on until all dictionaries, most of Oxford, wrote that the origin of the word unknown. Well I argued that I know this mystery, because I know little evragistoryyu and "evrashybalety" (record was called "My Shibboleth"). The mystery kept secret, but maybe help students "Freedom" collectively write majeure, modern, victoriously affirmative drinking songs. And later we arrive to march.
Give his version. As you know, on its own island British English for a long time in the public and the public benefited from the use of the French language. For example. Richard the Lion-Heart, though there was a lord, but took his time in La Manche and did not know the 1st word in English, except for the British shibboleth "God damn!", — Not jealous of Byron’s Don Juan. Imagine for yourself sits Richard the Lion Heart or that there lord Arthur medieval chivalry at a banquet with his "knights of the round table." Burgundy drink (whiskey had not yet vyhadilasya) and sing in fr. "Shevaliers de la table ronde / goûtons voir si le vin est bon …" ("Knights of the Round began, let pagustuem or savory wine …"). And the chorus (with the excitement and the cup on the table with a thud) this hilarious drunken songs and then there are the words: "J’en boirai oui-oui-oui, j’en boirai non-non-non … "." Jean buare "means" I’m going to it (wine) to drink. "So this became intoxicated French natives violence call" zhembary. "Here" n "reincarnated before labial" b "for" m "diphthong" oi "defected in the "on" and came from the French j’en boirai English jamboree.
So what, you say? And then, it must Major of us fortunate peoples to take, not the Russians the same, and that no-clean puryzmu will not. We sing "happy inaction" and even "100 Liat". Let your zgarbuzuem "zhambaru", a sort of Belarusian-French-English "young days" "Belarusians, so you cholera, enough for you already shed tears"(I’ve been singing) — repeated twice. Later victoriously affirmative chorus:" Tears shed — no-no-no!, Shed tears — no-no-no! / Better to let the vodka drink … . "Repeated twice. Later, the text changes in the direction of sanity and control. Instead of" drink "arises" peel "," no-no-no "can rhyme with" in line "." On War ", etc. Promote your options. Tunes me there. Refer through "Freedom."
The title of this blog entries have translated from latin as "Because let’s drink and we sing!. " They say so sums up the state of spiritual consistory Pope Martin IV (pl. in 1285).
Happy new year, ladies and gentlemen!

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