Erotic film about Lukashenka is almost ready, but …

Russian director Alexander shafts created scandalous tapes "Julia" and "Misha" with the characters, similar to Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and Georgian President Misha Saakashvili, in late 2006 announced the shooting erotic film "Father’s happiness", where the layout — the head Belarus. But it became clear that under threat of huge problems gross aggressively advised to finish the creation of the film.
Initially, the story tape "Father’s happiness" planned such. The Belarusian outback working farm chairman Luca. In it, not counting the work, two ecstasy — sports and ladies. But should come to the farm of foreign delegations and Luke to maintain reputation, is from Moscow which models peravvasablyae in milkmaids. The idea is to show guests: everything is fine in the economy not only in economic terms, and the envy of the workers here. "Moscow milkmaids" had become an erotic background in "Father’s happiness."
"Keane will not," and then "planted"
In total, the plan directed by Alexander Gross, 6 supposed erotic scenes, including "shock" episode in the barn. But as stated created since the end of last year almost finished product "frozen":
"Film banned, suspended. I was simply asked me to tape finished filming, and it was left unfinished. Indicative that the person who had to provide funding was in Korea. So he got out of Korea" for a conversation. "And exactly NIGHT MODE day I was raised, was summoned to the hotel "National" and there "was pressed." I suggest that the final product looked after and took a Solomonic decision. But I just uttered: stop! As I realized this even open a discussion on the level Kremlin officials. Yes, your representatives announced: in the case of the release of pictures Belarusian prosecutors could me 10 years "upayats."
Shafts argues that the tape actually managed to achieve 100 per cent similarity to real persons, also held a lot of parallels with the events in Belarus. "Our direction — sex and satire. Would be fun and very informative," — says the creator. Pohohotat But lately unlikely to succeed. Shafts And this time, can not realize why other countries can take pictures, and Belarus — as "virgin beast" :
"All the same, it is more a political decision than any other motives. With all this, I asked the people who came out to talk to me, why on Ukraine and Georgia can shoot, but about" dad "can not? But I have not heard. material photographed a lot, but we did not mount. There is only a small clip, promo. Though actually it’s the somewhat stupid decision, because the movie was made at the level of comedy with the introduction of similar characters. But he was not wearing offensive character, as someone thought as it sought to serve. So, there is a cognitive control of the country, but it appears not the president, and chairman of the farm. "
On Lukashenko was "political order"

On the artistic values pornatvorav gross criticism at best silent. But prohibit experiments and even more so proactively face criminality — such a practice was not the director. As the shafts should not be like Hitler who wished, so the Gestapo punished Charlie Chaplin for what he sparadyyavav his comedy "Lofty Teran":
"Immediately I will say that it was not my will. This was a definite order. Not with my head came unhealthy thing to shoot such a movie. Received an order for a short term scenario is done, and given the fact that all the same person is a municipal figure to the same union, fraternal country, all made in the genre of comedy. And if the movie still izshel, I do not think he would have offended the control of your country. But, of course, scared yield previous film "Julia" and loaf, that this could lead to a political scandal. "
Reporter: "And the order was still on the Russian side or Belarus?"
"Ah-ah-ah … (laughs). Could I will not open this issue? So people yet still active in politics. Yes I do not wish that I had the problem of many of my things at work. Indeed, in our time may be different … "
While "Father’s happiness" marynuetstsa on the shelves in order journalists got a few shots, allegedly from the set. Their people, rather vaguely similar to Lukashenko, trying to enter into an intimate relationship with someone, even the least similar to the milkmaids.
Meanwhile Shaft said if he’s not allowed to stay in "Father’s happiness," he perpetuate another Lukashenko — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Erotic tape bridgehead "Colonel Hugo" chosen residence "Uncle Fyodor," whose image released from the Cuban favorite Fidel Castro.

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