European Belarus campaign kicks off

In the activities of the campaign "European Belarus" coordinator entered "Charter’97", Andrei Sannikov favorite of the organizing committee of the Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada", Statkevich deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Viktor Ivashkevich and the last political prisoner.
Misha Marynitch
Initiators of the campaign believe that the population divides their main goal — accession of Belarus to the European Union.
"Puzzles campaign: first — to popularize among the population euros choice. Bringing that Europe wants us (information on 12 proposals) that we made it profitable. 2nd — we need to respond to the appeal of the European Union to the Belarusian people that we wish to Europe, we heard them, that we are not "white Russian", and Europeans. Third — we must put pressure on the government, so she went to the fulfillment of the European proposals. So makarom, three objects of our influence — Belarusian people, the Belarusian authorities and the public of Europe "- said Viktor Ivashkevich.
The campaign "European Belarus" starts collecting signatures people of the country for entry into the European community. According to Nikolai Statkevich, Belarusians themselves should apply signal Europe’s own readiness to join the EU.
Andrei Sannikov confident that the company optimistic perspective:
"During the period of the Lukashenko regime the EU has doubled. This indicates, that the model of the European Union presentable and presentable not only for Eastern European States, as in 1995, joined the European Union in Finland, Austria, Sweden. Eastern Europe has decided its prepyadstviya — economic, political, social and others. Prepyadstviya were at the same level, for example, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, as in Belarus. What we have lost a lot of time, it really geopolitical catastrophe. Belarus need to make their own choices. "
Street action on March 25 will be held under the sign of Europeanness. Coupled with a white-red-white flags are flags of the EU. According to the initiators of the campaign, the date of March 25 — the date of the primary to the return of Belarus to Europe. Separate action dedicated to the European theme, will be held on May 1.

The press conference: Misha Marinich, Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich and Viktor Ivashkevich Tags:, European Union, European company, the democratic forces

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