Factory workers have promised to raise wages after strike

Requirements factory workers made in writing. Says one of them, Galina.
Galina: "We wrote that we are not satisfied salary. Came here seamstress who worked for 15-20 years and is now prepared by 170-200 thousand rubles. Do not satisfy us, and working conditions: the winter is very cold in the shop, the temperature is not above 15 degrees. Summer heat — no air-conditioner or ventilation, the roof leaks. No cabins, toilets usual not only tepid water. And not satisfied with the attitude of management, so we name-calling in everyone. "
Reporter: "And you tried to talk to the management of the factory?"
Galina: "We they say that the factory unprofitable, and nothing more. And uttered, what you need more work. "
A 16-hours at the factory came Mieczyslaw Kostyuk and other experts at the district executive committee. Held a meeting at which workers have promised to correct the situation. Factory worker says Galina.
Galina: "We decided on what will help the factory executive committee and subjected to review the question of increasing our interest premium, because they have to take from. Turns out that the management of the factory we just prick. They did commission and uttered that next week will be the outcome."
From the words of Galina, factory workers are determined and if the configuration is ready to continue the strike. Tags: strike, Slonim

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