Faith in God — is languishing disease …

* "Evening Minsk", year 1978. Junior Researcher BSSR A.Chudnikava explains: "Being unable to explain anything really curious youthful mind," spiritual fathers "are forced to take all their inventions for granted, offering no evidence, apart from the" sacred books. "But all this written by people who were at the lower stages of development. Did they understand life more clearly and deeply than the current generation? Faith in God — is languishing disease, but at the present time there is no incurable diseases! "
About the first issue of the magazine "The Source" "Lim" on this week 1988 notes: "Source" came at a time when such concepts as "position organ", "line edition," "programm" vorachivaetsya their initial highest point when the journalistic word is cleared from the shell of iniquity. "Krynica" appeared on the segment so far, when superfluous broadcast appeals guard started and it turns out that the reader’s trust loan is not unlimited. "
* From the pages of "Narodnaya Volya"In 1998 Yuri Zakharenko explains:" Such as Lukashenka and his henchmen, I never afraid not afraid. While the country had already absorbed psychosis, and my stay at the position was dictated by the need to protect the legislative and judicial branches of tyranny … My position was reinforced by the presence in positions such fundamentally and conscientious people like M. Chigir, and General V. V.Kapitan Kez not capable of low acts kind of statement of general border guard to say: Pavel Sheremet — the offender. "

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