Family Rechytsa entrepreneurs killed in Russia

Funeral business has resulted in a mass protest civilian mourning. The house where they lived entrepreneurs, not counting relatives came weave Rechytsa entrepreneurs. On the way to the cemetery the funeral procession of cars stretched for kilometers.
"I lost a very close friend, that there is still read — Pronunciation our radio Rechitsky businessman Sergei. — Now we buried him. This is our profession all faster, faster — to work. We — outcasts in our country . "
Ira and Stanislav Zhuravskii hit the road a day or two back the tragedy at dawn near the Russian town Navazybkava and died on the spot. They went to Moscow for the product.
Tragic death forcing businessmen attention given the conditions of its own existence today, says Rechitsky businessman Leonid Nevar:

One such criterion, and nowhere close will not apply to its citizens

"Entrepreneurs are delivered at the moment in a working environment what you want not want, and in order to go for a product, you need to get out NIGHT MODE. And entrepreneurs, so as not to violate the regulations of its own stores and have time to purchase wholesale product will work day and NIGHT MODE move to Moscow. There zatarivaemsya — NIGHT MODE again and move back. One such criterion, anywhere, in any country in the world up close and will not apply in respect of their own people. "
More a couple of years reverse entrepreneurs in including and Rechitsa, the government raised the question of how to make the country’s wholesale markets. Then there would be no need to travel to the Russian capital. At least, have done so in the adjoining Ukraine.
In Belarus meanwhile forbade businessmen to hire non-relatives. Outlook Rechytsa activist movement "For Free Development of Enterprise" Oleg Shabetnik:
"Earlier Zhuravskii were employees at the moment they are not. People who had not slept, not tasting, flew to Moscow. Man must not sleep two nights, so go for the product. If after one day on the job do not go, take away the license. And as employees not, and no one quit shop. work must, in fact, every day. People are placed in a rigid framework on the brink of survival. "

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