Fedoruk ambassadors visited (video)

Now he was visited by Karen Stewart salting U.S. diplomatic mission and the head of Slovakia Lubomir Rehak. Slovak Embassy in Belarus makes functions Consulate European Union.
On this meeting, Dmitry Fedoruk said:

"They told about that statement, which yesterday received the State Department and that now was a press conference. Now just had to be meeting in the South American embassy about political prisoners. I said that, unfortunately, I can not be there for those reasons.
Salting expressed concern so that’s attitude to the Belarusian youth, the fact that people knock on the stocks on peaceful demonstrations, because they just have national symbols with them.
They spoke, that will continue to track down and apprehend the situation even at the EU summit statement.
In other words, in principle, that Putin’s arrival will be wide resonance. That wish to impose Belarus Russian politics even more deeply, indeed, this factor may contribute to, and will not allow this. "

In the hallway of the 9th hospital Minsk

December 12 when overclocking demonstration "For Independent Belarus" on October Square injuring several people. Not counting the youth went and pensioners. Mature man thrashed his legs. He yelled that he was disabled, but it did not stop the commandos, and he too was on the ground.
The U.S. State Department condemned the beating of people and violent dispersal of peaceful action. Policy and international human rights organizations have also expressed their own protest against actions of the Belarusian authorities against protesters "For Independence" which was dedicated to the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Zmiter Fedoruk is at the Department of connecting injuries 9 medical clinics. Doctors recorded beatings and traumatic brain injury. Militiamen Central district of Minsk investigating incidents of beating activist unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitri Fedoruk
Dmitriy Fedoruk knows what happened to him yesterday on October Square.

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