Festival began formal education

Celebrations are held in the Minsk International Education Center. Association to hold the festival organizations involved civilian education.
One of the participants of the festival Tamara Mackiewicz, representing the center of the "Company", states that because of the extended globally civilian education our country completely driven to the informal sector. And it is not depending on whether you want to teach the ladies rights in the family, or business rules gentle nature. Because the possibility of roles in such festivals — the only method for enthusiasts see and hear, what they do others. And inform the society:
"The purpose of this festival — declare for themselves, that the non-formal education we exist and that there are organizations that are engaged in it. Alleged our country that we are."
According to Tamara Mackiewicz, no character formation civilian society Belarusian government in the country is not interested:
"The government, I said, would form a completely civilian does. It deals faster ideological education. And there many people midst of the teachers, among young people, who wish to have a really modern knowledge in civilian sphere. Because it is clear that the demand for our knowledge is. Unfortunately, the main problem we have — it’s access to a motivated group. "
Activists of non-formal education in Belarus deprived of the ability to express their knowledge in schools, youth hostels are not always able to rent premises for educational applets, print them. Because on the first forefront modern technology, and which appealed Center "Society":
"We will present our new multimedia edition — collection of materials on a civilian education. This collection has 30 founders — teachers from all over the country. Overall theme of these materials — how to teach democracy in the criteria of modern Belarus."
During the festival, the participants are going to listen to and discuss several 10-s reports, to meet with editors and creators magazines "pARTisan", "Lyrics", "Between", "Monologue", "Druvis", participate in master classes and competitions.

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