Figure as an art piece (attempt aesthetic eye to political science text)

Article interested as a kind of mercantilism era of capitalist relations of birth takes place here in Belarus. Our current administration as medieval suvereny looking for a means to pump up the coffers and politically subordinate themselves to a young class of merchants, try "zakitavats" gap in the base of economic absolutism.
Beauty argument creator of said articles about contemporary globalized Mercantilism — in numbers. On 3 pages he manages to stick out impressive task force of European integration in the field of globalization. Realizing that the statistics can be perfectly hidden lie, all are still reading a digital symphony pagazhaessya with aphorism that every statement of truth as much as arithmetic.
From our Belarusian economic observers and political scientists always aesthetically comfortable to read, for example, L. Zaika, M. Zaleski, L. Zlotnikov — all those special feelings and without valyazhnastsi with a few digits gives a "recipient" most opportunity to draw conclusions.
Elegant style "non-digital" argument — in including and our "democratic" analysts — it seems to me, be more reasoned and less ability zaklinayusche and categorical. In this regard, recall a passage from his Nobel lecture, Joseph Brodsky: "A man with taste, namely literature, the least exposed to the reps and spells, which are characteristic of at least some form of political demagoguery. It’s not that virtue does not guarantee the creation of a masterpiece, but in the fact that evil, especially political, always bad stylist. richer aesthetic experience indyviduvma, the tsvyardeyshy its taste, how much more true outlined his moral choices, so it is freer — though maybe does not become happier … ". Without digital texts argument most democratic creators do not always sound impressive even under the most benevolent reading.
Our purses have never been particularly plump, but now people are starting to consider very carefully their rubles. All statistics are natural. In particular, if the government is hiding information about the tender prices, wages, nomenclature, sources of financing … If I were a political scientist, I would venture to construct now the motto: Public statistics — Staff contender for the future presidency.
Indeed, even a housewife who, by Brodsky, has weak immunity against state zaklinayusche demagoguery, it is easier to believe the opposition of the competent analyst that "gipery" (supermarkets) after, how to overcome "Zhdanov" (small trade Zhdanovichi), would lift prices, if analyst to own foreign experience added a simple random sample of our reality. For example, how much cost half reverse 1 kg of frozen fish in small kiosks in Minsk "Vitalur" in Uruchcha on Komarovka in "Zhdanov" and "Crown" that Kalvaryjskaya, and how much it costs at the moment. And if he still wrote vyznat and who owns those "Vitalur" and "Crown" and that we can expect more, then that would be a housewife, maybe, would run to the area to protect small traders.
Us could would adopt foreign experience and a wide release for use, for example, a popular pamphlet — "Who earns how much in economical sphere?". Would blockbuster. At home I have this German book last years edition. Very curious. Either to understand the level of the political science Figures in the privatization of state enterprises, which have affected the fate of thousands of people.
Me in time intrigued T.Manenok publication in the weekly "Belarusians and Market" about the fate of Motorcycle and Bicycle, where I have under the boards for four years worked as an engineer patentavedam. Having since that time with friends "Motovelo" look for the epic for privatization as a detective story. In a New Year issue of the newsletter "Leninsky district now" optimistic read material about the factory. There is no word on what, for example, veterans of the plant, a member of the joint-stock company that had several 10-s shares, investing in the development of production own funds offer at the moment for their 20-30 thousand rubles and provide no cash of information. None of those shareholders holding shares had not kept, no one knows which is currently market price, as assessed BTI price of property, where he depository where Tipo kept shares why specifically ATEC Holding GmbH (like the Austrian company), and not, for example, "Amkodor" (a more transparent and with the coming specialization) won the right to for privatization, etc.? Here is a field for political and economic analysis! Researchers expect symphony digits.
Of Presidential Decree of 26 July 2007 "On some issues of the public company Motovelo" (§ 4.2) can figure out that in 2013, today’s winner of the plant, if not complied with its obligations "in the state budget to pay the difference between the market price of the shares on the the time of purchase and their face value, as defined in Part 1, paragraph 1.2 of the Decree. " Are independent experts they say that to find that the penalty difference is unreal. How will the actual payment for the shares, which will be the refinancing rate will be calculated as interest on the unpaid amount? For 6 years so much can swap!
Or another skillfully exciting digital story: State Unitary Enterprise "Water" broke the quiet noise cancellation benefits under contracts with thousands of individuals on the 20% discount card for water until 2010 as compensation for buying nick at their own expense water meters (each worth with the installation of more than 200. 000 bel. rub.). With all this "Water" on ssylaetstsa CM Resolution number 1366 from the eighteenth Tenth 2007, which is based on several articles plainclothes Code (392, 378, etc.).
It turns out that at least some state MPS can so easy to abandon one’s own duties and rob physical personality — each one of us, when control of the country (or president SM) suddenly announced: "The Socialist Fatherland is in threat". And our government — entirely UP!
That’s where digital analytics space to roam. Here ruble statistics looks great in politics and may be artistic decoration absolutely no artistic genre.

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