Fined Protestant church New Generation

Church of the "New Generation" in 1997, acquired the building structure and after repair, for 10 years, to hold worship. Authorities accused the church that she nick building is not in the destination. According to the lawyer Sergei Lukanina, first referee completed its consideration of the case due to lack of arguments. But two weeks in nothing appears 1st new document, and a court order has changed:
"The materials of the case there is a letter signed by the chairman of Baranavichy city executive committee, even three such letters, that the church" New Generation "should use its building for religious activities. And also there is a letter that the city council blames church in that it uses this building is not because it is written in the lease our plot. "
Pastor of the "New Generation" Leonid Voronenko Pronunciation:
"There already seems to be pressure on the referee administrative resource, and therefore without any comments attributed to us fine — 700 000 rubles. I think that there designation comes from the top. They make this conflict and support. Maybe it was the authorities’ attitude to Protestant churches and other faiths. Such hostility specifically to us … "
Back in 2007, the Church filed an application for extension of the contract for rent. A month passed, and no answer. By Pastor Leonid Voronenko for 10 years, the authorities have not been permitted to put a new church building, rent or remodel another composition.
"We will conduct our worship in this place — says Pastor Voronenko. — We will provide a statement that we have identified land for construction, or offer some other building, or offered to rent the premises. This just those things that we have asked, wrote applications. We again write his statement, emphasizing the court’s ruling. Within 10 these years we met the attack by the authorities. "
In a similar situation was the church "New Life" in Minsk. According to Sergei Lukanina authorities by their actions forced the church to give up its building:
"The deputy prosecutor of Minsk Capital warned that if we do not continue to allow access to their building of the authorities, it will already instituted criminal case and, perhaps, the bishop goes to jail. "
Bishop Vyacheslav Goncharenko already causing summons to the prosecutor of the Metropolitan District. Sergei Lukanin said this situation — total activity of the law "On freedom of conscience." Belarusian Christians have already collected more than 47 and a half thousand signatures, that the law was pamyanyany. This campaign will end in February, and will be sent signature management of the country.
"We, as before, meet with violations of freedom of confession, such as administrative pressure, fines, also take place in danger the address pastors favorites religious associations — commented a member of" Human Rights of the Christian Home " Maria Savushkina. — I think it is a strategy of the authorities, which applies to Christian believers with a view to take control of the evangelical community. "

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