Finkevich agree with the protocol of the court

Artur Finkevich and his new lawyer Anna Bakhtin explored protocol trial in which an activist in the late last year gave half years in prison for violation of the preceding serving punishment. By Anna Bakhtin, Arthur found a number of inaccuracies, which will see the tribunal.
"He did not agree with many interpretations of his position, his arguments. And because we brought remarks on the report, which I handed to the court now. Down the Law Tribunal within 10 days and must see them decide about how to meet them, or refuse to meet in part. "
Anna Bakhtin said that already the following week counts induce final complaint Artur Finkevich handed down the sentence. Date of examination of the Mogilev Regional Court, she does not know. Lawyer believes that Artur Finkevich not specifically violate the departure of "chemistry" and does not deserve another punishment.
As feels Arthur, to which during the trial called for an ambulance?
"In the new cell, where he was transferred, 5 persons. All smoke, but he does not smoke," — said Anna Bakhtin. According to her, after the verdict Artur Finkevich three times appealed to the prison doctors and perceived pills from the heart.
"Is it worth it very bravely. Transferred all heartfelt greetings to all the friends and acquaintances. Highest morale He man."

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