Finkevich was sentenced to one and a half years in bullpen

Chronicle of the court hearing
Before the meeting, courtroom tried to fill students — police called them interns. But to squeeze into the room they were not given associates Artur Finkevich.

During his imprisonment, I was aggravated health.

Support political prisoner came more than fifty people. Among them U.S. Embassy representative Luis Krishak also policy Alexander Milinkevich Siuchyk Paul Seviarynets, Alexey Shein. Father came and Dmitry Dashkevich Valentin. The court was also mother of Arthur.

Up to 18 hours a tribunal chaired by Judge Natalia Krashkina heard municipal prosecutor Artur Finkevich and more than 10 witnesses.
Municipal prosecutor told the court that during Artur Finkevich own findings do not mend his way. She relied on multiple violations Finkevich order stay in the special settlement and made for this collection.
According to state prosecutors, Artur Finkevich rendered four reprimand and two official warnings. On October 22 he started a criminal case.
Artur Finkevich partially admitted the facts charged, but said all he did for violations respectful reason.
Finkevich said the case, which considers the tribunal politically motivated. During his imprisonment, it made unprecedented pressure. Administration of the special settlement irritated constant visits Belarusian politicians and representatives of foreign embassies. On the persecution by the administration, he reported in are independent media of information.
"During his imprisonment, I was aggravated health. At the day when I was accused of severe intoxication, and later brought criminal case, I drank a lot of honey and hawthorn tincture product "Novapasit" — read in court Artur Finkevich.
Artur Finkevich first court made a request to postpone the trial because he feels ill — aching heart and the highest pressure. In the Tribunal called for an ambulance. Within an hour, doctors decide whether he could participate in the process. According to the views of judges, doctors were given permission to continue the trial.

It is a pity that in the 21st century still exists a social category, as political prisoners

Eyewitnesses prosecution staff commandant, in his own testimony denied the facts of the case to the tendentious Artur Finkevich. They were that attitude might have as to all prisoners.
Their worldview about trial Finkevich made by the representative of the U.S. Embassy Louis Krishak:
"It is very pity that in the 21st century still exists a social category, as political prisoners. This process, I think, — step to consolidate this status, and it is a step backwards. "

Outside the courtroom could hear shouts "Long Live Belarus", "Freedom for Finkevich." In the midst of those who did not get into the hall and supported Finkievich outside was Paul Seviarynets:

Process — another attempt to intimidate the Belarusian youth

"The process — another attempt to intimidate the Belarusian youth. Show that it will be with anyone who will write on the walls" We wish the new president, "" Long Live Belarus "and" Young Front. "But the Belarusian youth does not break, it will not work to stop "- said Pavel Svoboda Seviarynets
Prior to trial, Artur Finkevich was in investigative bullpen number 4 Mogilev.

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