Fire tower in Grodno opened to tourists

At the opening came Minister of Emergency Situations.
Enver Bariev
Museum Grodno Fire Department revealed in the ancient depot, which next to the watchtower, which is known for old postcards. By the way, it has a memorial plaque, says that the tower is a historical and cultural heritage, built in XIX century.

Opening panels on the history of the fire service
Prince(With a smirk) :
"The revival of socialist realism lasts." Another man:
"Well read about this panel? Everything seems fine, tried to close to reality to portray the history of our fire service from antiquity to modern times. Alone is unclear: there Grodno all our shrines, historical places, but the State Library from the side pririsoval, she is in Minsk. " Spades:
"Junior Museum, the exhibits were collected from November last year, and this year we gather construction and staged exposure. Now I heartily invite you all to our museum, please." Officer: "The right to open a museum of the history of the fire service, Minister for Emergency Situations of the Republic of BelarusEnver Bariev
… "
Sound tube.
Employee, by the way, Lieutenant, invited the Belarusian language in the museum. We go inside and immediately litsezreem arms majestically Duchy of Lithuania — Chase, and underneath portraits Lew Sapieha and Queen Bona Sforza. Sightseeing tour takes in the Belarusian language.
Climb higher and litsezreem entrance to the fire tower, in front of her a fake chimney sweep. Tower although lured the attention of tourists, city dwellers, constantly was closed to get here was unreal. At the moment it is renovated, we vznimaemsya above me — the local newspaper photojournalist Alexander Sayenko. "Saenko
"Weirdly, it will collapse very pop stage."

Chimney sweeps in the museum

"Very lovely angles, outright fantasy begins to play, the scenery is lovely, people look different from a height. But creepy vertigo felt …" Tags: Grodno

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