First collection of Jewish folklore sovetskogo in the USSR

"Lim" on This week in 1938 he writes about the publication of collections of folk songs of the Red Army, "the second collection — in the Hebrew language -" Jewish Folk Songs of the Red Army "- contains about 15 songs and rhymes 25. This first collection of Jewish folklore sovetskogo in the USSR. Both collection are catchy expression of large emotions sovetskogo boundless patriotism and love of workers sovetskogo Belarus to sovetskogo own homeland and the Red Army. Each song, each prypevtsy — constant readiness at any moment come to the defense sovetskogo Union from attacking the enemy. "
About the grounds of anti-Bolshevik League aslabanennya peoples "Fatherland " in 1948 he notes: "Bolshevism — is only a modern form has long been found in the world and acting prazhornaga Russian imperialism. This is very clear and ordinary fact was usvedamleny we have long and information expressed in the words of the national poet Yakub Kolas {more pronounced when he stood firm on the government positions, not broken Bolshevik violence and neither turned on sycophants — puppy and though Stalin laborer-order bearer}: "Blacksmiths second and chain one song all the neazhytay palette."
"Narodnaya Volya", year 1998. The newspaper published a letter of journalist Vladimir Zuev, "I bring to the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus Gennady Karpenko Dmitrievich apologize. During that took part in his persecution, trusting far not those people, which generally credible. That still regards the facts stated in the article "fifth dimension Gennady Karpenko," that their veracity must meet those who gave them to me, and it is — court case. {And those who are of the highest bleachers yelling about that Belarus — legal government will be able to justify this practice}. "

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