First to respond artillery regiment, which had acquired more than 100 zubashchotak

"Free Belarus" in 1918 he said: "Facts and completely fair godika indicate, A white that Russia acquired its name without any historical grounds. Note that in Polotsk and Turov was already Orthodox Diocese while in power Kiyavi zyaulyalosya that Christianity — and specifically THEIR staletstsyu. And at that time, when there were Christina Kiyauskay Russia, then on Belarus were already monastery, and Christians here already knew the Orthodox dogmas. "
"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928 , under the heading "For kulturnasts in everyday life," writes: "The medical unit 191 Regiment conducted a survey of the state of teeth in the Red Army. Examination of facts and figures is very soft-spoken. At Red Army regiment consists of: rotten teeth — 187, fallen teeth — 180. Apart from this, 132 people are much spoiled teeth. There are comrades, which is not enough to 8 teeth … "Zubkampaniya" launched at the initiative of our regiment, stirred paramedics division. responded first artillery regiment, which had acquired while above 100 zubashchotak. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1958 he tells the story of persecution in Belarus Nikolai Aladova "Aladov intended Olovnikova attention, first opened its capabilities … put him on the path as a music professor … Currently Olovnikov calculated Aladova for his love and care, as it should be a person with a party ticket, whose ideology is based on hatred for the man on the cynicism. Olovnikov Not so makes such spirited career as a musician pochetaemy such as Aladov only finds place in shameful post? "

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