For 11 years, Belarus has shot more than 160 people

First year in Belarus were given to the implementation of death sentences to three favorites of so-called "Morozovskoj group": Sergei Morozov, Valery and Igor Danchenko Harbaty. They were accused of theft, racketeering and murder. It is clear that the convicted to apply for a pardon to Alexander Lukashenko, but they were denied.
October 6 received a message about one of the death penalty. Sentence was carried out the Gomel Regional Court regarding inmate Gomel Paul Lennogo, which recognized guilty of raping and murdering a nine-year boy.
People’s attitudes to the death penalty in Belarus contradictory. According to official data, in a referendum in 1996 against the abolition of the death penalty in favor of 80% of the survey participants. Typically for such strong measures strongly opposed relatives of the victims. "He is not worthy of life, I would have been hard to live, if I knew he was still alive" — these words Natalia dashing, Mom killed in Gomel boy, quoted media after the trial of Paul far.
Meanwhile, in Belarus, people often complain about the inhumane, very ruthless regime in jail. Recognizable Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski convinced that between these orders and the fact that the country has retained the death penalty, there is some connection.

Ales Bialiatski"I am convinced that if we had abolished the death penalty more humane conditions in the steel jail. This is a definite sign. As the flag, coat of arms, the death penalty is also the emblem of Russian system. Belarus at the European-Asian space remains the only state where the death penalty. Even Uzbekistan this year announced a moratorium. "
9 October the European Parliament in its own resolution on Belarus again urged action to end the death penalty. Whether the Belarusian government to heed these calls?
Statkevich, one of the favorites of the Belarusian Social-Democrats, such rotation does not preclude:

Statkevich"They can, because abolition of the death penalty does not threaten the stability of the current government. Primary motivation for these people — not human rights or national interests, but to preserve themselves in power. And unsafe criminals or political opponents they can just isolate, and that is enough. Naturally the death penalty is more consistent with the psychology of these people, but when the itch … Here political prisoners released, why not abolish the death penalty? "
According to official data, in 1997 in Belarus was made more than 160 death sentences. Clearly only one sentenced to death, which the decree pardoned Alexander Lukashenko.

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