For a cheap visas for Belarusians subscribed 50 MEPs

Members of the Social Democratic faction in the European Parliament from Lithuania Justas Paleckis, Genavefa Grabowska of Poland and Austrian Hannes Swoboda collect signatures for the fact that reduce the price of visas for Belarusians. During the 2-meetings special declaration was signed by about 50 parliamentarians. When their signatures, more than half the members of the European Parliament, she was sent to the Council of Europe. Later this question should be discussed at the government level.
"It’s a good start, there is still time until May. And we will try to sign possible more. On the other hand, of course, we really need help Belarusian NGOs, if someone organized as it is accepted in the European Parliament, support for the proposal " reads Justas Paleckis
Initiators of the campaign I wish that the European Commission has begun negotiations with the government about lowering prices. At least under 35 euros, for people of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Moldova. But, if the signatures are collected, the solution must approve all, without exception, the EU member states.

Countries that are further from Belarus, consider what you should expect from the steps of the official Minsk and then to make some concessions.

"Against favor those countries that believe that necessary steps towards the part of the official Minsk — Justas Paleckis knows. As you know, the EU has allocated a number of requirements to ensure greater democracy, freedom of speech in Belarus, the first release of political prisoners. And, of course, countries that are further from Belarus, consider what you should expect from the steps of the official Minsk and then to make some concessions. So it’s a big problem. And to a large extent it depends on the behavior of the Belarusian authorities. "
By said by him, the highest prices visas European Union is not separated from the official Minsk, not of men, who live clover, and from ordinary Belarusian people.
Doctor of Mogilev Vasily Avramenko, which is this week have public editor "Freedom" for himself on the big problem of visa does not feel the price:
"For me it’s not a burning problem, because maybe once in 5 years go there. So on this occasion and you can collect these funds. For me personally, maybe not such a burning problem, but I think that the price should be reduced . "
BPF activist Alexei Yanukevich supports the initiative of the European parliamentarians:
"It is very not a bad initiative. Such initiatives make the critical mass, which at some point will be poured in certain decisions. In any case, they will simplify Belarusians leaving the EU. If it’s just lower prices for visas for all the people of Belarus, it can be linked to the implementation of procedural and government-defined criteria. But when it is conducted on certain categories of people, such, for example, as students, then there’s no link, there is no contradiction. "

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