For Freedom complained to the Supreme Tribunal

Representative of the Ministry of Justice Alexei Pechkurov the court said the ministry is only one claim against the organizers of the inaugural conference public associations "For Freedom" — that they were not told earlier in the executive committee of its own shares.
Alexander Milinkevich says that for 21 years of public activity he had never met with such a requirement:
"Never. I do not know any of the 1st such example, although when I worked in the organization" Town Hall ", we had a proper human rights center and we have advised people who helped them, were in the courts. Practice I have here is very high. But this case — unique. "
Lawyer, human rights activist Yuri Chausov received from the judge Anna Sokolov, which considers this case, permit applicants to help the organization "For Freedom." He clarifies the requirement of the Ministry of Justice as follows:
"Documents for registration were prepared flawlessly. And there stood no other options as to find fault with most of the constituent events. How could it be carried out only with the permission of the local executive body.
No similar analogues. Always occur constituent assembly and permit them from executive committees do not need. Well, now that’s invented this latest "chip."
Applicant Alexei Kavalets explained to the court that the founding conference was held in a closed area (in the former pioneer camp), with the permission of its owner — incidentally, a U.S. citizen:
"They came up with a hook in the ministry, which is contrary to law. At trial, we have proved that nowhere does it say that the documents should be submitted for authorization activities. This — a unique phenomenon, of course. And because I now own speech said that we presently are unique to the court. situation — superabsurdnaya. "
Referee Anna Sokolovskaja announced hearings break.
The founding conference of human rights and educational association "For Freedom" was accomplished in the Minsk region on August 11. It was attended by 74 people. But the Ministry of Justice refused to register them.

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