For freedom of movement finds truth in the Supreme Court

On behalf of the founders of the "Movement" For Freedom "they require to annul the decision of the Ministry of Justice, which denied the motion to register.
Alexei Kavalets says that today the ministry was only one claim — as if the constituent assembly was held not in accordance with the requirements of the law on mass events:
"United in their clue (it’s not even a reason, and fiction) — that the constituent assembly for not previously been declared in some executive committee. Tipo And this we have broken the law on mass events. Although the law on political parties and public organizations how to conduct meeting — indicated.
It’s just magnificently. Moreover, we also carried out his collection in a closed area, with the permission of its owner. There was even guarding it. And we carried through the checkpoint. We do not interfere with anyone. At What does the law on mass events? "
Another applicant — Yuri Hubarevich — hopes for a positive decision, although not much in it believes:
"Waiting is always that in the end the Belarusian authorities will make laws that she herself and perceived. Course, that the decision of the Ministry of Justice in violation of our rights to create public organizations.
We spent a constituent assembly according to law. Because reasonably looks to our movement registered. But

Always waiting for that in the end the Belarusian authorities will make laws that she herself and perceived

practice of recent years indicates authorities to This time not accustomed to act in accordance with law. "
Solely This year The Ministry of Justice denied registration to the human rights organization "Spring", covering women’s party "Hope", 6 months stopped the activities of the Party of Communists of Belarus. Hitherto not registered "Young Front". As the experts at the reasons for these decisions are very small. At least, the activists of "Spring" Payment is in such cases court costs, but not formalized tribute way ticket. Because independent lawyer and human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich skeptical of the ability of a fair decision of the Supreme Court:
"Since decisions are made faster political judgments rather than purely legal. Very often the grounds for refusal of registration look like in the case of the" Movement "For Freedom" unusual. All this is against the civilian and political rights. "
First time "Movement" For Freedom "constituent assembly held in May. Then the Ministry of Justice refused to register the Movement and Supreme Tribunal Ministry admitted acts appropriate legislation. Whereupon the founders of the movement held a constituent assembly and reuse again applied for registration. But, and in the second time the Ministry of Justice refused to pioneer the creation of movement. Specific complaint against this decision now and make out the Supreme Tribunal.

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