For Independent Belarus! On October Square

19:59 Very beaten during a protest Dmitriy Fedoruk recovered, currently in 9th medical clinic he make-rentgen pictures skull and spine.
The rally ended, but about 30 commandos continue to patrol October Square.
19:27 All protesters, which pushed aside Komsomol lake, police planted the tram in a side street of Orel. Total — more than 25 people. Themselves as police officers left.
19:21 Activist beaten Dmitriy Fedoruk delivered in 9 clinical clinic Minsk. According to doctors, it difficult condition.
19:20 About 2-10-s demonstrators currently Komsomol lake nearby. Next worth paddy, Activism none of the parties has not yet doing.
19:14 Mobiles many youth activists do not meet in the middle of their demonstrators also not visible.
19:10 Group of protesters led by Ales Mikhalevich is surrounded by police near the hotel "Belarus". While Special Forces do not allow people to disperse.
19:00 Swift help took beaten Dmitri Fedoruk.
Demonstrators, among which Mikhalevich, Ales Kalita, commandos pushed already to Trinity suburb.
Policemen every now and then demonstrators take to the environment. From the circus most of the protesters squeezed toward Svislochi. Beat youth activist Dmitri Fedoruk: He has taken the flag, with the result that he really hit the tarmac.
18:40 Protesters brought to the streets of the International, but certain groups are again vorachivayutsya on October Square. Hence, they begin to push in the other direction — to the building of the circus and Victory Square.
Policemen act aggressively as before, but disperse the demonstrators are not going. A huge number of commandos follows part of demonstrators who are white-red-white flag and went almost to the building of the circus. Some protesters beaten; and then happen hassle, when commandos try to select flags.
The commandos began to besiege all present the square. With all this breaking open flag poles. People are chanting "Long live Belarus!"
18:00 Over an area of hundreds of people, among them the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Mikhalevich, Alexei Yanukevich, Vintsuk Vyachorka. People still come. Demonstrators got a white-red-white flags, commandos began to pull out of their hands, began hassle, police acted aggressively. Demonstrators impose flags for themselves on the shoulders and shout: "Long live Belarus! No alliances with Russia!" While about the detention can not understand it. The commandos began to push everyone on the square.
17:45 On October Square — about fifty people. On the approaches to the square Policemen inspect things passersby. In the adjoining backyards there are several buses with police commandos.Pioneer of the deputy chairman of the BPF Party Viktor Ivashkevich. He called on exit October Square with white-red-white and European flags all supporters of freedom, independence and choice of Belarus euros. Tags: Our homeland, BPF, action, integration, independence

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