Forbade advertising Belarusian-gardens

We asked the head of the Department of Education Sergei Blazheya: what happened, why forbade advertising in the trolley and why Kuzminich called sovereign, who, incidentally, worked as a teacher of the Institute of Yanka Kupala? Sergei explained Blazej subsequent:
Blazej: "We have before us raised the question:" we want to advertise. "Okay, we’ll meet, discuss what advertising should go, and in the text withdo everything. And it so happened that have not agreed, only now met to discuss this question. They willfully launched this ad. "
Kuzminich Igor himself told us:
Kuzminich: "We started a marketing campaign, but the audio advertising in the trolley removed. I uttered: the main reason is that it was not coordinated with the city Department of Education. Finally Friday forbade it."
Ancestors forhad read about, that group of Belarusian advertising ban could ideological service. But the head of the department of ideology Executive Committee Sergei Dubovets noted that for this they have no case. "It’s just rumors "- he said. Then we turned to the trolleybus management — and that’s what have we learned?
Reporter: "I wish to clarify about advertising kindergartens on whiteRussian language, which has been withdrawn. "
Man: "It was on the record? This unauthorized recording. Everyone must submit here, show text, and then write."
Reporter: "So there is a businessman doing that constantly does it, neuzh he did not know?"
Man: "Well, I do not know how to see the money is willing to swallow, choke on them."
Reporter: "So I uttered that he donated todid it. "
Man: "Well, I do not know, it does not matter. All texts, flyers — or a sound carrier, or on cardboard — must first submit to us."

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