Forecasts Gomel activists for 2008

Vasily Polyakov, Chairman of the Gomel Regional UCP:
"In 2008 parliamentary elections. This — not the election, and political company. Depending on how the democratic forces in the political will, as they strongly th intentionally will work, depends almost everything. And maybe the new year will be a turning point in the democratization and liberalization of the authoritarian political system, established in the environment of Belarus 90 years. In 2008, likely, strengthen the position of China, and it will have even more influence on world politics. "
Pyotr Kuznetsov, Regional Coordinator created Freedom Party th progress:
"Projections in general is not very grateful. In 2008 we can expect the escalation of internal socio-political life due to the fact that our government spends very strong social policy, and these people are not very satisfied. Immediately we expect the parliamentary elections. And it will be the main event within the country.
About the world do not want even to think. Hunt to only everything was possible better that than have different natural disasters, acts of terrorism, etc. . "
Ales Evseenko, Homel human rights activist:
"As they say experienced people, it’s not so bad, so as not to become even worse. Year of the Rat still such. Who will be able to "krysyatnichats" one to regret, and will "krysyatnichats." In the political life of the country, I see that our political parties are very feeble, and the chances are that they have acquired weight in a new year. yet, unfortunately, is not visible. With regard to any event on the planet, the way we we see, the Islamic world will determine the weather in the international arena. This is seen in Pakistan. And, of course, impact on Europe these oil regions will exert strong. "

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