From the new Ak-12 had to be abandoned

From the new Ak-12 had to be abandoned
Eminent brand gun «Kalashnikov», it seems, is leaving the Russian army. Defense Ministry did not allow municipalities to test novelty Concern «Izhmash» — «Kalashnikov» — AK-12, developed in the framework of the creation of the combat equipment of the last generation, «Warrior.» This in an article of the newspaper «Izvestia» writes Denis Thalmann.
«AK-12 and other products based on it have not been preparatory tests and state tests are not stated in general. Instead of testing for municipal complex as combat equipment «Warrior» elected automatic plant Degtyarev «, — explained D. Telmanovo in army headquarters.
Chief designer of the plant Degtyarev (city Carpet Vladimir region) Vladimir Gromov told «Izvestia», which refers to the brand-new small arms based machine AEK-971 was developed in the 1980s. Its distinctive feature — automatic equilibrium system, when the returns from the shot is compensated by a special device — a balancer, moving in the opposite direction of the bolt group.
«Preliminary tests were carried out on 5 nominations — two assault rifles, two machine guns and sniper rifle. For all 5 positions we admitted to municipal testing. They run to the end of the year «, — explained V. Gromov.
From the new Ak-12 had to be abandoned

AEK-971 Automatic Kovrovskogo plant them. Degtyareva

Member of the Commission of the test of the Ground Forces told the correspondent of «Izvestia», the new automatic Kovrov showed the best accuracy and precision shooting, including the firing bursts of unbalanced positions. With all this the standards of the «Izhmash» (now — Concern «Kalashnikov») is not arranged by the military nor the reliability or accuracy, nor on ergonomics.
«We concern» Kalashnikov «is about a month to remove the shortcomings identified in the preparatory trials, and show us a new benchmark with the elimination of shortcomings. If it displays the desired properties, we assume it to state tests, but this is unlikely. Our requirements were known izhevtsam two years back, and still they could not make an instrument that satisfies them, I doubt that they will do it for a month «, — explained the representative of the Main Command of the Ground Forces.
The concern «Kalashnikov» promised not to renounce the struggle for an order from the Ministry of Defense. Capital branch director Oleg Chikirev concern that in 2007-2009 headed the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate Ministry of Defence (Grau, is responsible for purchasing all kinds of small arms and ammunition), and was removed from office after the explosions of ammunition in Ulyanovsk, told «Izvestia» that AK-12 will accept a role in municipal trials due concern «Kalashnikov».
«We have decided that Kovrovskiye machines go on state tests due to budget funds and Izhevsk — at the expense of its own funds. To gosispytany our machines allowed. There need to modify individual elements to all the requirements, «- explained O. Chikirev.
The representative of the Main Command of the Ground Forces told «Izvestia» that municipal tests — this is the test for municipal funds.
«If the government is unwilling to pay for the test machine, means he will not be needed. A modifying AK-12 concern «Kalashnikov» nobody forbids. In any case, the final decision on bulk purchases will be made in 2014 after the municipal testing and trial operation in the army, «- explained the representative of the Land Forces.
He added that the military trials for the army will be bought several hundred samples of new rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles. However, he did not rule out that the AK-12 is also «take to shoot.» By drama, the very outfit President Vladimir Putin showed all week reversed in Izhevsk at the opening of a new weapon group «Kalashnikov», made on the basis of «Izhmash».
Now the newly formed concern will find markets. Doctor of Military Sciences Academy Viktor Korablin explained «Izvestia» that the AK-12 can be offered on zabugornye markets, the volume of which is measured hundreds of thousands of copies. «Automatic — is the main weapon in the armies of the world, because of its market for all manufacturers competing marketing tools. Now, of course, no one says volumes about a million pieces, but 10’s of thousands of units may fully find a buyer. But do not forget that the issue of the sale of those or other types of weapons over the limit is decided at the municipal level, «- explained V. Korablin.
Editor in chief of the magazine profile «Arsenal Fatherland» explained Victor Murakhovski correspondent of «Izvestia» that Kovrov machine has not been started in mass production because the plant Degtyarev will significantly upgrade creation.
«Kovrovskiy plant, generally speaking, a private company. He does what concerns does not come. And his military products, according to recent data, it takes 12-15% of the total production. Because if these machines will be a big order, they will have to expand production «, — said V. Murakhovski.
At the same time Gromov explained that management expects the plant to help the country in establishing mass production line. «Experience the serial production we have a large, we produce all guns in this country. In any case, for the commercialization of new guns need a solution of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Defense. How many military machines will need depends on what tools are useful for their production, respectively, and the final price of products «, — said V. Gromov.
He added that the plant Degtyarev expects to purchase for the creation of new production machines strip zabugornye new machines. «Domestic machine park is virtually absent. We never very unsuitable equipment were sitting and not perfectly represent where and what needs to be purchased to organize mass production «, — explained V. Gromov.

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