The Federation Council approved on Wednesday the law «About the Fund promising research» — South American analogue DARPA (Agency promising research U.S. Department of Defense).
Fund is created in the form of a non-profit organization to promote the implementation of the research and development in the interests of national defense and security, which are associated with the highest risk for qualitatively new results merit in the military-technical, technological and socio-economic spheres.
Controls will fund board of trustees as the supreme governing body, the Board and CEO.
Rights to results of intellectual activity, made in the implementation of projects commissioned by the Fund also acquired the organization on the basis of contracts, will belong to the Russian Federation. The Fund will dispose of such rights on behalf of the country for the purpose of practical implementation (implementation) of the results of intellectual activity.
In accordance with the document, the accounting of the projects, as the procedure for the transfer of such rights to interested federal executive authorities, state corporations or other entities rests with the government of the Russian Federation.
As a property contribution of the Russian Federation to address the Cabinet Fund will be transferred to the federal budget allocations, and other persons in the Federal Facilities property.
Annual report of the Fund will include a report on the implementation of programs from the organization for the 3-year period.
Fund promising research comes to replace the military-industrial commission. It is expected that the software organization of basic and exploratory research in the interests of defense and security of the Russian Federation will facilitate large-scale rearmament of the army and navy.
Jobs Fund will be subject to both the military authorities and the Russian government.
It is understood that the initial number of projects implemented by the fund will be about 150, with all this, the price of each project can vary depending on the workload. According to the results of the Fund for the first year, the number of projects and the price should be revised.
Staffing levels in the first years of the fund will be up to 100 people.
The law goes to the president for signature RF.

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