Georgia: published first results of exit polls

For Saakashvili is Levan Gachechiladze, the candidate of a coalition of opposition parties 9, with 28.5% of votes. Other candidates scored and least 6 percent of the vote.
23% of respondents refused to say for whom they voted. Error in the results of exit polls is at the organizers, plus or minus 2%.
Other exit polls provide good results, but they are not proven are independent sources.

For the Belarusian "Liberty" reports from Tbilisi Alexander Lukashuk:
"I stand at the beginning of Shota Rustaveli avenue, near the monument to him. Brightly lit city, you hear music. Most sudden now in Tbilisi that there was a heavy snow, and this, according to the inhabitants of the town, a very rare thing, they do not remember how many years ago this was maybe … So Makar, elections are held under the snow.
Now I drove through the town and visited various places — election posters there, but now, as yesterday, the promotion is prohibited, and we can not say that the city is oversaturated pleasant agitation. "
Tikhanovich: "What’s enthusiasm for the elections, what role in them?"
Lukashuk"If we talk about Tbilisi, I was at several polling stations, and 2-of them two hours before closing time came to vote 50% of those included in the electoral lists. According to the law on elections in Georgia, the number of those who will be the polls will not affect the result of the election itself, no matter what the turnout has sufficient. Representatives of the opposition and observers were that turnout slightly influenced by the weather. At the last elections, turnout was a little larger than reality. "
Tikhanovich"Observers noted that these elections will be a test of what has become whether Georgia after the" Rose Revolution "democratic state. Either observers note any violations now?"
Lukashuk"We must be aware that the elections — it is not only the voting process, and what was happening in front of them: the conditions of access of various candidates to the media disk imaging, financial capabilities, the ability to equal access to voters, and that will make an assessment of the total international observers, which here about 3 thousand in including real OSCE observation mission.

Notes observers are purely technical nature and the vast majority of them could not be applied in favor of one or the other.

According to the manager of the young lawyers, but their organization fielded 400 observers in 3 towns. Now they have received 182 reports of observations. I asked what the disposition of these comments, and they were of a purely technical nature, the vast majority of them could not be applied in favor of one or the other.
For example, very vserasprostranena point — is that the lists are people who have died or moved to live abroad, and registering for a couple years was conducted.
I would like to remind our listeners that one of the issues to be decided in Georgia now (along with the presidential election held a plebiscite, whose results, but are not of mandatory to perform in contrast to the results of the referendum) — is the question of the accession of Georgia to NATO. The question is not, join it tomorrow or not, but the inhabitants ask — do you think this is correct?
Rustaveli Avenue, I asked the lady how she voted on the question of joining NATO, and she replied: "I am for your friendship." I asked, and does not seem Our homeland friendship friendship with NATO against her, to which she replied: "We are not against Russia are friends, we are just friends."
Tikhanovich: "What a difference from the atmosphere of the Georgian elections Belarus?"
Lukashuk"I would have said that the difference, which is immediately to mind — transparency. Transparent ballot boxes, ballot papers in that catch. At each polling place — 2 cameras, which are completely removed everything that happens in the space of voting and counting of votes will be removed. Here this transparency — a very important indicator. Both the government and the parliament, and political parties came to the conclusion of what happened two months back, and wish to show for ourselves and the world that theydid everything probable that these elections were legitimate. "
According to exit polls, in matters of 63.6% plebiscite called for the holding of parliamentary elections in the spring and 61% — for Georgia’s membership in NATO.

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