Georgia: the elections are held in part without incidents

A candidate for the upcoming Jora Maisashvili said that most foreign observers found indifference to violations at polling stations. He accused them of being irresponsible and urged voters to protect their own voices. "Without justice there is no peace, he said. Give us justice, and we guarantee you the world."
Meanwhile Nestan Kirtade of the opposition Labor Party announced Tipo the favorite party and presidential candidate Shalva Natelashvili plot to assassinate that naplyanavany eighth hour of the evening — the time the polls closed. According to her, the plan for operations codenamed "Bguta" Tipo stand Georgian authorities.
According to representatives of the Republican Party Tina Hidasheli, at a polling station in Blaze authorities tried to intimidate members of the commission from their party.
The authorities, in turn, deny the allegations of the opposition, as well as charges of attempted revote own fans.
In Telavi in the east was arrested one person during the trial to stuff the ballot box, a huge number of ballots — is unclear, in favor of any of the candidates. Justice Minister Tkeshelashvili named his arrest an example of the authorities’ readiness precede fraud.
During voting Misha Saakashvili urged voters to take an active role in the election:
"Today Saakashvili decided not destiny, and the fate of Georgia. It is in our hands, the hands of every citizen. If we are active, our future is not threatened. Subsequent generations will thank us for what we did not stay at home now, not a good despite the weather. Now we must put aside our disagreement and say we need unity, we need peace. "
He commented about the fact that Georgians from Gali can not take part in the voting, as the authorities of Abkhazia make it an obstacle to the crossing of the river Enguri to get into the town of Zugdidi: "They have been denied the right to vote. I appeal to all to this side of Enguri: our people on the other side lozhut their hopes on us, and we must be very active in providing interests those people, show that we are united and no one we can overcome. "
Saakashvili said that he voted for "the future of Georgia, our unity and our membership in NATO."
According to the Georgian 17 hour time, took part in the election of 46% of the total electorate.
It is understood that preliminary official results will be known in about 24 hours Georgian time.

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