Glasses: Fedorov will study the case for another month

The meeting lasted less than an hour. It began with the application of the municipal prosecutor. She requested the Tribunal to complete its consideration of the case and appoint another meeting no later than one month. She explained to his request that the utility did not have time during the conduct of the audit.
When parsing revealed that audits and did not start.
Cockroaches referee did not satisfy the requirement of a lawyer. Petition as municipal prosecutor Tribunal upheld and proclaimed the subsequent hearing on February 11.
October 31, when it started tribunal Alexander Fedorov said that he, that support the work of boilers, had get spare parts on the market, and they were not considered peradsudovay revision.
Alexander Fedorov accused abuse of opportunities, a violation of the order to pay the salaries of municipal property and appropriation. He faces up to 8 years imprisonment.
Since 1994, Alexander Fedorov worked as a foreman boiler. Prior to the conclusion he was driving with 3 boilers — they were all about.
Alexander Fedorov — an active participant election campaigns. In 2001 he had been arrested on the orders of the prosecutor Snitkova but then quickly released.

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