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September 28, a day in the election House of Representatives, Peter Migursky found three invalid summary protocols of precinct election commissions. From its own commission he claimed to annul the election results Shklovsky constituency. The relevant statement he sent to the Central and Election Commission, and she forwarded it to the back to Škloŭ.
Statement was the reason for the meeting. It was attended by all thirteen members of the committee, the chairman and the secretary of the commission from whence they had been invalid protocols. Came to the meeting and the last MP candidate Grigory Kostusev. Attended by journalists.
Peter Migursky found three protocols. Two of the village of Alexandria — one is empty, but signed, second — and also filled with pencil signed — and the third, from the village Bushlyaki also not full, but signed.
At a meeting of commissioners, with Tatiana Alyaksandryi Kovalev and Bushlyakov Gennady Shantalosov found Migursky dubbed preliminary protocols that lay on top of real Tipo filled according to law.
Speeches colleagues Migursky boils down to the problem of what he faced, should first discuss the commission and not rush immediately complain to the CEC.
After an almost hour discussion committee chairman Lyudmila Glyakova read protocol prepared in advance. The Commission, it says, the refraction of the voting results on a plot number 10 and number 20 Alyaksandryi in Bushlyakov not identified.
Chairmen of these committees also made a remark about the inadmissibility of advanced materials with real.
Fri gave separate Commission assessment of the actions of the applicant:
"Mark Peter Stepanovich Migursky acts, member of the district Election Commission, dyskredytuyuchyya job as District Election Commission. Peter Mgurskamu refuse to gratify his statements, "Lyudmila Glyakova-read out.

Immediately after the meeting commented Peter Migursky so ruling own colleagues:

Submission unblemished record form with the signatures of members of election commissions — a prelude to election fraud
"Firstly I nor discredited work of the commission, those discredited its chairman and secretaries of district committees, which made the acts of which we now read as. Submission unblemished record form with the signatures of members of election commissions — a prelude to election fraud."
Committee’s decision and commented last MP candidate, chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Grigory Kostusev:
"The Commission did not consider the fact that crime and considered a member of the commission, who caught a criminal hand in the election day. Obviously Shklovsky executive committee is trying to get out of the fine this situation. They did not invent anything else just as Tipo consider individual case Migursky. "
Final Protocol voting constituency in Shklovsky Peter Migursky never signed.
Has not signed the Protocol th term Mogilev October commission head Belarusian Communist Party Valery Berezienko. He has many claims to the work of the commission. About them he said in the complaint of the CEC. Sovereign Berezienko says he did not know, saw it.
According to human rights activists, in Mogilev any complaints of violations of electoral legislation in the voting process is not satisfied. Them, human rights activists, was more than fifty.

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