Gomel activist Perspectives fined

"We have already opened so: before mass protests all become activists zapivohami and rowdy, "- said the emperor Rubchenya.
Activist judge’s sentence is not going to appeal because he believes it is foolish occupation. The time will come, and all such sentences will be canceled, he says.
For a day or up to three businessmen protest rally in Minsk Rubchenya Alexander, who was going to go to share, met at the house unknown youth and asked for a cigarette. While the businessman took out a pack of cigarettes, "the petitioner" grabbed him by the lapels, slapped in the face with his fist and began to yell, "Police!"
Policemen appeared immediately. At the police protocol was written, that the emperor had called Rubchenya Tipo "asylum" to the remark did not respond and even grabbed it for odezhku.
Just now testified in court and granted victim status "petitioner." It appeared to be a young electrician Smirnov.
As a result, the department Rubchenya number one Russian police department drew up a protocol for disorderly conduct and neprelichnuyu language. Activist was positioned in the temporary detention facility.
Businessman freed from custody Kostrikov referee. It was January 21. And now the same referee fined him.

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