Gomel KGB conducts a search in the apartment of journalist

Search are senior detective Gomel region KGB Andrei Melnikov and Sergey Bondarenko, also 4 other people in civilian clothes. As witnesses in the apartment are unknown, who introduced S. Padsasonny neighbors. Journalist, but argues that sees them for the first time.
Journalist was announced that he is suspected of involvement in the unregistered youth organization "Young Front. "
Who locked the house, where he lives a journalist, has been blocked by the security forces. At the entrance were detained two members of S. Padsasonny Anton Bondarenko and Dmitry Bald. Last five policemen detained with the introduction of physical force and handcuffs. A.Bandarenku took control of the KGB in the Gomel region, D.Lysaga — Central police station in Gomel. It is unclear what their blame.
Earlier S. Padsasonny KGB interrogated about his probable case for channel activity "Belsat". Tags: young, Belsat, BAJ Padsasonny, search, KGB, front

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