Gomel searched the apartment of a journalist

First in the door of an apartment in a house on the street Volotovski 2, which removes a journalist, began to knock the Central district police department Prokopenko. Sought to open the doors: that the noise interferes with the neighbors in the apartment below.
The journalist said that he had one at home — no one in the apartment is quiet and neighbors from the bottom on the lower floor there are no — there is a grocery store.
Voice Sergei Padsasonny:
"Already whereupon appeared KGB, pronounced that they have a search warrant, open the door claimed. I renounce, they warned that they would crush the door. In the sanctions was written by Sergei Padsasonny suspected that is the organizer "Junior Front"Lures there pupils, students in order to discredit the country."
Support Sergei came members of the Belarusian Association of Journalists. They offered to be understood during the search, the police and security officers pushed them out the door.
Sergei Padsasonny confiscated the hard drive of a computer, camera, flash card. Search protocol signed KGB security officer, senior lieutenant Melnikov.
In November last year KGB unwillingly took Sergei Padsasonny of apartments in management for so referred conversation — interested in, whether it concerns a satellite TV channel "Belsat".
Security officers on the street were detained and taken to the KGB in the unknown environment public activists Anton Bondarenko. If it was a folder with several videotapes. Young people held in the KGB about 3 hours. He explained that he had found a folder with tape on the street.


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