Gomel: Tribunal A.Rubchenya freed from custody

Sovereign Rubchenya spent behind bars in a temporary detention almost three days. He was detained police closer to the evening on January 18 at the threshold of the house.
Youth sporty asked businessman smoke. While Alexander took out a pack of cigarettes, "the petitioner" grabbed him by the lapels, slapped in the face with his fist and began to yell, "Police!"
Policemen were next, as if expecting the incident.
"I vyznat them. Those were police, which in December were witnesses at the trial against Ira Kaminski businesswoman when she was fined for transporting flyers about the rally in the capital, "- said Rubchenya.
As a result, the department number 1 Russian police department on entrepreneurial activist organization "Perspective" report was drawn up — Tipo for petty hooliganism and neprelichnuyu language. Its situated itself in a temporary detention.
The businessman said that was isolated at the time of the current rally in Minsk.
"They did not break me with this, but only strengthened. For their rights you must fight. And now I’m the soul of those who left in Minsk on Independence Square, "- said Alexander Rubchenya.

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