Government needs enemies — in another it will not survive

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Public activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka transferred to the cardiac clinic. He complained AC revelation pressure and pain in the head. On January 25, Dmitry hunger strike in protest against the symbol of re-allocations and institute urgent conscription.
Lady: "Once Lukashenko stated:" Over the brains need to pay. "Let pays. Now man expelled from the institute, this guy Zhaleznichenka. So what? Taken into the army, chase this man. Smart man, but must sit in the bullpen. Or maybe it’s being a scientist of our Belarus! And all sorts of scum roaming the streets, creepy one walk. But no one takes them, they do not need anyone. What it did for the government? God knows. "
Attracted the attention of listeners of Polish customs strike. They demand higher wages and better working criterion. Queues of trucks on both sides of the border in recent days are stretched for 10 km matches.
Lady: "Before the strike of Polish customs. President of Poland, also speaking in Polish, not to let beaten, thrown into the cool chamber Poles, people who require its right greater. Decide to negotiate. But in Belarus protest despair. And managing the internal affairs of Poland, also speaking in Polish, Polish citizens not defile. They brought the Constitution and respect for people. Your listener said yesterday that if our president was a Belorussian, we will not be walking in the collar. Languid true. "
Andrew, Pinsk: "I wish to speak about how the municipal media disk imaging announcements served us …. He strikes Polish customs served as if they strike their harm other countries, difficulties do truckers. A that read about how our president several years ago in the midst of winter ordered off gas from Russia to Europe, also creating a lot of problems to other States and violating all international law? I think before you criticize others, you need to look at yourself and then give some comments on the address to others. "
January 28th we received a call:
Vladimir Mozyr: "26th in the morning you intended transfer release from administrative detention. Middle of 20 released dubbed 1st businessman … gets the perception that young people are lazy circle of any offense, so once you have them christened on the radio. Ivashkevicha And calls to Europe to strengthen sanctions against Belarus? We know what Yarashuk reached the so called favorite of Free Trade Unions. light industry put in tough conditions … In no country, no such opposition, which would work to the detriment of their own people. "
In continuation of the discussion — call our constant listener Alexander Jatskevich from Vitebsk:
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk, "I wish to reply to one listener. He said that in any country there is no such opposition, which would have been so against their own people, their own country. I wish him the answer in one country no such power, that so zdekavalasya from their own people. opposition And there are various: some for their own beliefs are in opposition, and other power itself pushes artificially it mattersa. Government needs enemies, otherwise it will not survive. As water will not dry up the soil, as opponents will not, then the government will die. "
Now we’ve also got a call:
Peskovoe, Gomel: "Please listen to my views on the situation in Belarus. Belarus with 10 million inhabitants is geographically located in the center of Europe. And now the second decade, it is hostage to a group of people led by Lukashenko. Everything in the country these years constantly brazenly violated human rights and freedoms, which are incorporated in the basic law — the Constitution. Occurs real genocide and shame of the Belarusian people. Poor pensions and wages selected small benefits in the elderly, the liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy, members of the war in Afghanistan; repression businessmen, a steady increase in the price of white settlementRussian language, Belarusian history and culture of Belarus. All this is all the indignation of the people of Belarus. At numerous rallies and protests Lukashenko meets mass beating of protesters by riot police, special forces, police, countless arrests, imprisonment in jail and their centers. "

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