Government takes control of the activities of foreign priests

In accordance with the Council of Ministers, at the moment, so come to Belarus, for example, a priest from abroad to serve in the church, or spiritual teacher in the school, or at least some stranger for a role in charity events or other mass religious character, must be authorized by the religions and nationalities. Clarifies spokeswoman Ombudsman Misha Rybakov:
"If invites religious organization, she must prove whom, for what, for what term invites. If not enough priests — we coordinate their nominations, the document. Necessary that all was true, clear, transparent."

Now about 50% of the local priests running the other 50% of priests from abroad.

So Makar, every foreigner who comes to Belarus to translate at least some religious activities necessary to prepare a package of documents that confirm his qualifications. Priest, for example, need to submit a paper on religious education and a certificate of work experience. For teaching in religious schools — to the same curricula. Foreigners also must confirm knowledge of Belarusian or Russian language. So Makar, lecturing for seminarians or hold services must are only in Russian or Belarusian. In the absence of at least some of the documents the application will not be considered. In addition, the Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities may deny an applicant without an explanation of circumstances, contrary to, for example, Article 29 of the Law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations."
Not enough local priests in Protestant church temples. Belarus has two Catholic seminaries — in Pinsk and Grodno, which already produced more than 160 priests, but priests still not enough, says the priest Alexander Amelchenya
"Naturally, there is a shortage. Now unless that 50% of local priests working, the other 50% of priests from abroad we work. Naturally, we tried to priests were local, although are grateful to those who work for 10 years and more than Belarus . "
In this case, with regard to the preparation of the church priests, programs in seminaries all states universal, approved by the Vatican. So Makar, the priests who were trained, for example, in Poland and in Pinsk and Grodno seminaries receive similar education.
Belarusian authorities are wary of foreign priests. In the last year of Belarus were deported pastors Protestant Church "John the Baptist" Antony Bokun and Jaroslaw Lukasik (both — Polish citizens). Antony Bokun "arranged unauthorized common event" (read the Bible) in his house. And Yaroslav Lukasik "involved in religious activities without the consent of the Committee for Religious and Ethnic Affairs."
In December 2007 he was deported from Belarus Grzegorz Hudek priest, who served 14 years in Rechitsa church — his interview in the Polish edition of "Tygodnik wschodni" did not like the Belarusian authorities.

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