Greenhouse Complex opened in the Novgorod region

October 12 in the Novgorod region, in the village of Forest, opened the greenhouse complex, LLC "Novgorod greenhouses." At present, the first stage of construction. Greenhouses built on the area of 6.17 ha. 

Total area of 24.7 hectares, the design capacity — 17 thousand tons of vegetables a year. This project will receive for each inhabitant of the region to 27 kg of fresh vegetables all year round.

Laying of the foundation stone took place on November 3, 2011. Total investment in the project — 2.9 billion rubles.

The glass greenhouse is made by innovative technology and is the result of a long experience of similar buildings in Western Europe, mainly in the Netherlands.

The production of vegetables and herbs will provide small-volume hydroponics method for mineral wool substrate Dutch production plant with a garter to a vertical trellis, with the use of drip irrigation, fertilizing carbon dioxide svetokultury, shading systems, climate control and other modern and efficient technologies greenhouse vegetables. 

This project uses the most innovative technology that guarantees the achievement of the optimum quantity and quality of the crop. Also used as ecological methods of production. For example, the used gas from the boiler plant will be completely clean and pure CO2 produced will be supplied to the greenhouse as a natural food plants. Thus, the plant is operating completely environmentally-friendly production. Total investment in the project — 2.9 billion rubles.

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