Grodno: advertising of Belarusian gardens have allowed

As one of the activists of the parent committee Igor Kuzminich, in the executive committee have allowed to advertise gardens, but changed text ads so there no more phones parent committee and appeared rooms education departments of district administrations. Just it excites and committee members.
Kuzminich"Who will answer the phone? Most likely, it will be ordinary bureaucrat who all the same, Belarusian-typed kids in gardens or not. "
Advertising in urban gardens of Belarusian trolleybuses sounded month back. Her prepared without the assistance of other members of the parent committee made. However, this ad immediately forbade because the text has not been approved in the Department of Education Executive Committee.
As the Igor Kuzminich, parents disappointing that in the town no professionals who are able to make their children in kindergartens Belarusian real atmosphere.
Kuzminich"For us it is fundamentally, that the teacher is not only adept read Belarusian, although it is in the current situation is very difficult. But we still wish that she loved kids and could contemporarily to teach them."
Speaking about the situation with the Belarusian gardens, Igor Kuzminich states that their recovery has to start with virtually unblemished sheet.
The plans of the parent committee — seek opening Belarusian schools. But the main thing now be achieved by views Kuzminich — dial children in various parts of town in Belarusian-speaking group.

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