Grodno: entrepreneurs want to go on strike

Market "Central" in Grodno. Significant number of jobs vacant. Slightly buyers, traders are in groups of a few people, and discussions are something.
Greeting, asking what kind of mood after yesterday protests.
Lady: "Yes no mood one pessimism. Conviction No no, it’s on the nerves, no stability, no. Now you have more, but tomorrow you may not be …"
Man: "Look, I talked to people. They were walking to the store, so there jackets, baby odezhku 80-100 thousand, and come here, then in half. And whereupon We called speculators! "
Another sovereign states that municipal trade in general is not able to saturate the market suitable products.
Man: "They do everything in this market gain and of the executive committee, and DAEC, even take out their identity, that sold for less."
Ask the business whether they will register Chupa — private unitary enterprises.
2nd lady: "There are no funds for it."
3rd lady: "Can you imagine for yourself what this PUE? What we create, and measures the same yardstick we …"
Another emperor expresses a different world view.
Man: "We are ready to move into your Chupa, but you make people normal wages to get people at work about thousands of dollars, then he will be able to purchase for quiet thing for 100-200 thousand rubles. And wages only 200 thousand, many people dissatisfied, and in their wish to take away that from which they are now living. "
"How do you want to go from this situation?"- I asked the businessmen.
Man: "The strikers need."
Lady: "to strike, does not pay taxes a month or two, then they will think of something."
2nd man: "There are two options. If it is indeed strike and people will not even pay taxes, then I think something will change. But if people pay taxes, then destroy the first business with employees, and later take on other. "
Reporter: "And why is that not a lot of business participates in protests?"
Man: "This is due to the fact people simply afraid. Fear that can drop, fined a thousand "basis." Sticks, in principle, no one is afraid afraid of losing what’s left. Well, for people afraid of their families. "
And yet most of Grodno entrepreneurs are convinced that from February 1-republican will strike and they will not pay taxes to the budget.

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