Grodno: GEN number 6 has declared war on the plates

People write that began to receive orders from the requirements ZhESa immediately remove from the facades of buildings plates. For disobeying them threaten to bring to administrative responsibility. "Please, tell us a legitimate prescription", require creators letters.

Who will clean up? Who will mend after facades? Where do we do with these antennas?

Territory ZhESa number 6 in Grodno: Astronauts Avenue and adjacent streets. All owners of satellite dishes received prescriptions with the requirements immediately remove from homes illegally installed antenna.
Man: "I have 10 years worth it and when the house was repaired, the builders laid neatly pin on which it rests, and a cord fastened on top covered. And what now? Who will clean up, who will be after repair and where do we do with these antennas?"
Chief Engineer ZhESa number 6, Lyudmila Kanyushok refers to the Administrative Code, whereby all illegally installed on the house details must be removed.
Kanyushok: "All questions will be removed, if you have on hand the paper in which the district architect certified that the installation of the antenna on the front of the house agreed. Then we no claims we have . "

Then what they say ZhESe in, let them for themselves and they say. And in order to remove the antenna from the front of the house needed document

I contacted the designer October administration Grodno with a question — how to legalize satellite dish on the front of the house? Arthur bespectacled states that this situation antennas developed exclusively ZhESe number 6.
Bespectacled, "We do not legitimize antennas. And what they say in ZhESe, let them for themselves and they say. And in order to remove the antenna from the front of the house needed document. It’s not just that I wanted: to legalize or not to legalize. When should we it mattersbe, then will do, but we can not find a legal basis for this. "
And that’s what I said one of the inhabitants of the prospectus Astronauts about the fact that they have declared war on the antenna.
Man: "They clean the satellite dishes, so we" Belsat "not looking. This is natural. "

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