Grodno plates will use underground?

Caused them to draw up administrative protocols and collect funds for what they dismantled their antennae urgent basis.
Recently the employee ZhESa passed on apartments and gave owners of satellite dishes to sign a paper saying that they warned. In the paper it was written: "For you must be urgently removed from the facade of the building, repaired at the expense of repair Polga willfully installed satellite dish." Next said that "real harm to the facade structure" will be charged to the tenants.
Maxim Garmash signed a paper, but declined to go into GEN. In 1-x, he says, complete renovation made by the tenants, each month on a charge twelve thousand rubles.
Garmash"We decided to resist to the end, turned to the lawyers. They we articulated: the new Code of Administrative Violations in this ZhESe, for sure, do not read further cover. Why? Since there are major rules, which are called" acts of instrument time. " The essence is that the new rules, worsening the rights of people, they do not have the strength back. "
Satellite dish sovereign Garmash has seven years, and to this day it never stopped anyone, he says.
Deputy Head of Housing repair and operational enterprise the October district of Grodno ideology Leonid Abrazhevich agreed to know — whence the initiative to lift the satellite dishes. And that’s what he vyznat since 1999 have rules for the use of accommodation, according to which the antenna is prohibited without permission set. ZHREP instructed to issue a warrant for the removal of all antennas, received it from the executive committee, said Abrazhevich. Then we asked another ZhESa chief, said he had not received any orders to shoot and satellite dishes are not going to.
Legally impossible to install a satellite dish?
We asked for clarification to a lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich: How to look legitimate sample eliminate the "plates" on the houses?
Kiselevich"They should, if do something, to do something for its own account, people pay money for damages, in short, for the antenna. And for non-pecuniary damage, too, because there is already talking about protecting the rights of consumers. "
True, said the lawyer, as he neither appealed to consumer protection, Grodno courts never satisfy these complaints.
Tupikovasts situation in the fact that, as it turned out, there is no real mechanism for the establishment of a satellite dish. It is impossible to write an application and obtain official permission, no such practice, we said one of the employees of municipal service.
One of the inhabitants of Grodno, which, incidentally, listening through the "plate" Radio Liberty, admitted to us that preparing for the worst — a complete ban on satellite dishes.
Man: "I’m going to, if anything, just a niche in the room to shield the antenna. I’ve asked someone who is engaged in antennas. He said, it must, the glass was not, in short open window and then receive the signal. "
That’s some Grodno going "underground" use antennas if they are told to clean the house fronts.
By the way, the fight against "plates" taken by the authorities of Turkmenistan. As reported by the BBC on-Sea, this president has ordered Kurbankuliev Berdymuhamedav. He believes that the satellite dishes on the facades and roofs "mutilated view of the city."

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