Grodno region: not allowed to hold the pickets

Application will be submitted in the Grodno region Grodno, Smorgon, Slonim and Lida, mostly members of the PKB, and UCP-independent unions. According favorite PKB in Grodno Anatolia Ivanchikov — Total 108 applications submitted. Here, for instance, said representatives of PKB Ioannina Guzovskoy Lida authorities.
Guzovskoy: "Due to the fact that during the second half of December, the purchasing power grows people picketing near the outlets can destroy both public and personal trade."
But that unsubscribe from human rights activist Ales Smorgon Dergacheva:
Dergachyov: "The discussion was conducted in the local media and, they say, since I did not take part in this event, it is really too late to protest, but it is necessary to make this law. So it was written in the letter of the executive committee."
According to Anatoly Ivanchikov now applicants pickets began calling the police to notify in writing the liability if someone thinks the 16th to enter the picket.
Sovereign Ivanchikov states that even in the midst of policemen, when they begin to explain the essence cancellation of privileges, many agree, but signed the warning take all the same.
More Anatolia Ivanchikov disappointing that an abolition of privileges silence those who are affected personally.
Ivanchikov "Lud somehow silently reacts. He learned it after the 17th, when all will be deprived of benefits, including and toddlers up to 3 years if it does not free pharmaceuticals. Later all usvoyut that it meant . "

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