He has a human head with bolshennymi opportunities

* Gomel "Voice of the People"In 1918, reported:" January 1, opened everyday Christmas Fair, has long been known in the whole region for its high turnover of forestry trade, which usually zyazhzhalisya for forest acquisition not only from various parts of Russia, but even from abroad. In recent Three years timber trade war wilted, today, the anarchy and ruin it completely quiet. Exchange on the forest and in the midst of local lesapramyslavikov complete stagnation and myartsvechyna. "
"Star" in 1938 published the announcement: "The department of weights and measures NKVD BSSR offers all municipal and public organizations Minsk, having to use measuring instruments, held from January 1 to March 15, 1938 peraklyaymenne all kinds of weight-measuring devices with the stamps in 1936 and previous years. The leaders of organizations providing delivery devices at the designated period, subject to a fine and subject to criminal prosecution. "
* On pages "Name" in the last week 1997 physiognomist anonymous writes about Alexander Lukashenko: "mental peace stranger. material world — the last bit of frontal — he has a place of gathering for the entire disk imaging, which is used only for the services of a real being. Ears placed high enough — means this man potentially smart. But the brain is oriented again it only on emotions and real world. While that no states in his head is not anyhow any person with bolshennymi abilities. "

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