Heat as an excuse to lose weight

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Summer — not the easiest time in the life of the organism. Yes, holidays, sun-sea-sand, but it is rapidly tearing up the thermometer clearly hints that will have to deal with the overheating. Especially hard in this battle will have people who are overweight. Why is this happening and what to do in such a difficult situation, says physician reflexologist, MD,author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina.

Surprises thermoregulation

Adipose tissue is conceived as a perfect thermal insulator nature that may be useful in cold climates. However, in hot weather before the body is a completely different task — to efficiently dissipate heat. And with this in people who have a minimum of 10 pounds of excess weight (excluding the formula "the growth of minus one"), is at +25 ° C major problems begin.

Gradually developing hyperthermia syndrome, which affects absolutely all organs and systems. But if the load on the heart have heard everything, then, for example, the dangers to male fertility barely speak. Meanwhile, it is in obese men testicles overheat very strongly that directly affect the quality of sperm and, consequently, the ability to conceive.

Another annoyance — the emergence of diaper rash and most of these ulcers in violation of the integrity of the skin (maceration). This is accompanied by intense itching, besides on a surface with pleasure sit bacteria.

Attempts to rescue

Organism, trying to cool off, to full system includes sweating. And if the house is not a big problem, on public transport or in the office is not the most pleasant smell can be a source of problems.

And it's not that the others will interfere with smell coming from the fat man, right by the "hero for the day" will turn piskhoemotsionalnye mechanisms: first, he will be angry with himself will grow discontent with his body, then it will spread to others, is transformed into envy to lean people, and then in the hatred of humanity in general. So much for the myth of the "good-natured Fat Men."

Meanwhile, even this difficult problem can be solved for example, Botox injections in the area of sweating, which are held in the clinic "Origiteya".

Water regime

In the heat organism loses water not only afterwards. Decreases vascular tone, increased vascular permeability and fluid rushes into the fabric forming swelling. People who are overweight their output can reach 10 liters! Blood grow thick viscous worse penetrates small vessels stagnates. All this creates a favorable environment for clot formation. Tear off the clot can block the coronary artery with myocardial infarction, can "fly" in the brain and cause an ischemic stroke.

Help the heart and blood vessels in two ways: by making up for the loss of fluid (100-150 ml of non-carbonated mineral water every 20 minutes) and removing the surplus of tissues, for example, bydiuretic teas "Origiteya". The subtlety about the water: it should not be cold and carbonated. Local cooling does not help, and even harm — there is a spasm of blood vessels, reduced local immunity and create conditions for the development of infection, for example, bacterial tonsillitis. A gas bubbles have a negative impact on the adaptive capacity of the brain, which are already on edge because of the heat.

Correction menu

The traditional summer ice cream — not the best food, in part because of the high calorie content. It is prefer salads and other light dishes adhering protein standards based 0.8g per kg body weight and 600 g of fruit and vegetables. Suit andbran "Origiteya", that will ensure the normal operation of the bowel, which is also very important in the heat.

You can lean on dried fruit "Origiteya"Those that are dried in the sun without soaking in sugar. They contain large amounts of potassium, which vital to the heart muscle, as well as for normal conduction of impulses along nerves.

But in general the heat — a good excuse to think about losing weight and ask for help in this difficult case to present to professionals.

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