Hitherto the 1990s lies shoes in the closet

Lida shoe factory in 1990 producing slippers. Mrs. Valentine then worked in the factory and received part of the wages of the native products of the enterprise:
"Some percentage of earnings issued funds, and the rest is transferred to the slippers. Would funds — go to the market, sell. Not be able to realize — eat slippers. Imagine two thousand people, and each was given 10 — 15 pairs of slippers, whom they zbagryts? Until now pulling out of the closet, and when mol not eaten shoes themselves. Earlier, the 90 lies shoes at us. "
Valentine recalls how funds could instead purchase and scarce products that create other enterprises in the country:
"C" Belvestam "barter we had. So this is the right thing even though it was possible to take. This is not necessarily, but someone like that, you could choose. They chose boots, shoes, and by earning discharged. Basically, these things are necessary, one or two couples take on the family, against this one had nothing. But when we were forced to take these slippers — "

We were paid according to the principle on for you, nephew, we worthless "

on for you, nephew, we worthless. "
Prince Victor worked at Lida Plant of Electrical, who then released the fixture. Recalls that the two lighting until now hang in his house, then sister got an apartment, gave the whole set: lights, chandelier, table lamp:
"So it’s not only in our factory, where it was a lot. I remember being 15 years old, I took back the snow boots on the market, sold them a lady from Grodno footwear factory. It said that wages were given product, and it implements it . We have a factory producing chandeliers, we gave lit. I can understand if given sausage, it would have eaten himself. A chandelier or shoes when they are not needed, because it is bad. "

We have factory coverage pays.

In the 1990s, workers Zhlobinsky production association faux fur as part of wages issued products — artificial fur. At first, people went to sell fur coats in neighboring Ukraine. But later got a fur coat in the list of products that are forbidden to export from the country, and people mastered the production of scarce then toys. Yes, so was involved, that up until now the city is famous for beautiful toys made of artificial fur. In Zhlobin already have so called "fur market," where you can buy the material, fittings, foam — all that is needed to make toys. How it began, recalls inhabitant Zhlobin Marat Afanasyev:
"The authorities forbade exporting artificial fur, and people began to sew fur toys at home. It was."
Correspondent "And where is sold?"
Afanasyev"Some trains at the station."
Correspondent "But at the moment it has or not?"
Afanasyev"And at the moment, most people buy a fur coat and sew at home. Currently already developed a great industry: cargo to Russia. Sew home loaded vans and carry on Russian markets."
Correspondent "Basically, it’s profitable?"
"Of course, of course! Now this process is involved, I do not think one person tyscha."

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