Honors Zhaleznichenka try expelled from the institute

According to the results kept secret vote of the 12 members of the Presidium of the seven agreed with the possibility of deductions Zhaleznichenka-student in his third year Mathematics. Now his fate is dependent on the rector of the Institute of Alexander Rogachev.
Dmitri went back to school January 18 based on the decision of the Central district court of Homel. The student was able to prove that he was expelled from the institute with numerous violations.
On This time occasion in order to start another function deductions, was last year’s event, when an activist accused of abuse and disobedience neprelichnoy police eventually punishing eight days of arrest and a fine.
"The student union Hope Koltysheva again violates the legislation. Give or withhold consent to expulsion of students should trade committee, not its presidium," — says the emperor Zhaleznichenka.
If before the end of a day or rector of the institute will sign an order to another expulsion from the Institute Dmitry, then maybe tomorrow morning it will be taken into the army. Agenda on January 23 handed military enlistment youth activist another last week.

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