How can you educate young people, if you can not protect her?

Belarus with a two-day visit to the Minister Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov. Expression of Liberty on the listener this topic:
Peter S.: "In Belarus foreign minister visited Minister Lavrov. At a press conference, he said that our homeland will continue to defend Belarus. And what protection by Russia needs Belarus, from whom? U.S. President Bush shakes hands with Belarusians: Anatoly Lebedko, Paul and Seviarynets other politicians. European Union presents the Sakharov Prize and Belarus: former presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich. So that’s going to protect our homeland? need right reads: Our homeland will protect the Lukashenko regime. And do not be confused Belarus and Lukashenko. Why not accept the President of Belarus President of the United States, why did not he presented the award to the European Union? That this povinet Lukashenko himself. Why not our Belarusian MPs in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe? also blame the deputies themselves. the United States and the European Union amounted to "blacklist" of banned our senior officials, headed by President . So they deserve it themselves.’s the whole defense. Head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Lavrov confused God’s gift to the eggs. "
The Ministry of Defense reported that the last student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka finished hunger and from the clinic moved to a military unit in Zhlobin. Let me remind you that Dmitri was on hunger strike in character protest that for social activities he was expelled from the Gomel Medical Institute and urgently drafted. Students of Liberty continue to speak on the subject.
Military retiree Kryshkovich, Minsk: "I appeal to Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. Son, my grandson! Cheers useful healthy-independent Belarus. Believe that the time is at hand. Want to look into the eyes of the rector of the Gomel Medical Institute named Skarina Education Minister sovereign Radzkou. Neuzh something and you fell to the warehouse mind of man "and Škvarka cup"? Then you must not engage in science, and teaching young people waving sticks or summer skate skiing on asphalt. Shame for you Mankurt from science! "
Spades: "I appeal to the rector of the Gomel Medical Institute, who was expelled from the young, gifted student. For you to be shameful, you contemptible. How can you educate young people, if you can not protect her? They are young, can make mistakes. Did you order and put there to educate them. It’s your kids! You must stand up for those who pursue power. you broke the fate of a young man! And as for you at the moment you sleep? And as for you are your kids after such action, then you must throw your own post, You do not deserve it! "
"Where in Mogilev can meet with representatives of the" Young Front? "- That is the question on Radio Liberty received via SMS. It corresponds to one of the activists of "Young Front" Tatyana Bulanov:
"To meet with friends" Young Front "in Mogilev, you can call me on the phone 747-98-44. Call meet and talk. Thank you."
Program from continuing. Metropolitan Filaret at a meeting with head of state, who came to the synod Orthodox Church, called for the improvement of the demographic situation in the country. Comment listener "Freedom."
Lady "Thought Metropolitan ban abortions to address demographic challenges in Belarus is, to put it mildly. In our reality, it would be ethical to talk about the planning birth children. If unresolved housing dilemma, real difficulties in almost all Belarusian families enforced child, very possibly be hateful, excessive mouth, which then further expects the same poverty and powerlessness. "

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